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“Breathe in, breathe out!”, Hmm…, doing yoga isn’t that easy!, Alexa silently said. She’s doing some flexes, twisting her leg to sort of breaking it though not then the same thing done to the other. After that, she went down and spread her hands up, thus, bent down, butt on top In a push-up position. Did five or more push-ups and laid her back on the mat


and did a half positioned sit up, to improve the ‘abs’. “Just so you know, my abs haven’t made that pack, not yet, maybe, in two years time or so

He! He!

. Alexa smiling, while imagining what it’ll be like when that hap- pens. Since she was very inspired to do the work outs to improve her health and to impress her love. It’s so sad to think I’m loving someone who is so popular and Jodie Moon, isn’t someone who just love and really fall in love with an ordinary person. Yet, I know as a star she knows what she wants and always gets it.

I’m good now. After my prolonged break-up from my womanizing boyfriend of 10 years, I am just relieved we ended up as friends now, maybe so. Okay, maybe not as good friends, but we talk occasionally. Hey! Alex…what are you doing?, Shane asked, my annoying but cute sister, who kept on interrupting me while I exercise. “Stop….

Shane touching my face…

…stop it.,” while I get up and position my self sitting with hands on top of my folded legs. Alex!, teach me yoga!, okay!, Shane said irritatingly. Oh!, Shane stop, I can’t concentrate. Please!, Shane insisted.

Okay, okay!, later!... how about now!!!. Alex tickling Shane who wanted to escape her grasp, but it was too late. Alex was already over her and Shane was giggling hard until she almost cried. Alright, I’ll stop! Ha! Ha!, How about joining me now? Shane looked at me andshook her head in tears. No!, some other time!....and ran out of the door. Haaay! I sighed. Silly girl! Sometimes I just want to bite and pinch her cute face in adoration. I love her so much! Done with yoga. Now I need to check on my emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Being a photographer and blogger isn’t really an easy job but not as difficult as it seems either. I survive on artists, models and showbiz personalities who cater and support my work and talent. By the way, I’m Alexandra Steele, Alexa or Alex for short. And this is my story, your story, our story all together. My parents grew up in Manila, Philippines. Yet my dad who I call ‘papa’, travel abroad, to and fro, since he is a dedicated and highly-respected businessman by profession. He is very rich, and his dad was a renowned architect and politician from the province of Bulacan. My mom who hailed from Bacolod, also had her share of wealth since my grandmother was the late Fil-Am soldier’s wife thus later became my grandfather’s partner for life.

Okay! We were never rich, but we worked hard our ass off to succeed and until now strive to become richer, secured. My brother became a millionaire at the age of 34 years. And I’m doing my best to become one too, a happy millionaire not only with money but with beautiful experiences in life.

Back to our story…I never knew how to do yoga. My ex-boyfriend taught me to exercise and learned in their group how to meditate and listen to the universe. What it wants to say to me in silence. I have learned so much on this group that I still carry their practice and way of life until now.

Oh! Fudge! I’m late! While looking at my watch since I needed to be in a photo shoot in a bout an hour. Lenses, cameras, stand, digital cam., polaroid, in case I needed some if lightings not good in the area we’ll be doing the photo shoot. Off we go to Boracay. I’m with my best friends and fave colleagues , Sanjay and Basil.

They helped and supported me all throughout my highs and lows, sad and happy days. In good and in bad, they’re there for me no matter what that;s why I love them so much. I’m not really an experienced photographer, I ventured on this profes-sion because I appreciate and love art. I think I have a good eye looking and analyzing nature, people, bodies, faces in photos and paintings. I mostly love the bodies and faces of singers and showbiz personalities, glorify the universe for these beauties we are blessed with forever. “I love my life…” Ha! Ha!, is what I always say when I see my favorite artist, my master piece, Jodie Moon.

You know, my true passion is blogging, writing about stuff and anything under the sun. But I focus more on stories about love, being in love and falling, rising in love…!

Hey!, what’s with Alex? She’s been quiet lately!, Sanjay asked Basil very concerned. I don’t know, but she’s always like that before photo shoots, diving seriously into her craft in silence, He! He!, she’ll come around, don’t worry!, Basil added reassuring Sanjay while walking towards Alex who is typing something on her laptop. Alex, we’ve been here in the boat


for an hour and you haven’t spoken to us, like, for ages? What’s up?, Basil now seated beside Alex still without reaction and doodling something on her laptop.

Don’t mind me!, she said. I’m good!, I just remembered Jodie and have been thinking about her lately! I dreamt of her actually, that she’s here with me and all…Hmm! Just a dream, well, I hope it’s true! Because I miss her so much, Alex added, breathing heavily. Hmm…okay! Take your time whatever you’re doing. You know that we’re here for you, right? Okay!, Basil giving his hand to Alex to touch it in a friendly manner. Alex, smiling at Basil sweetly.

Jodie Moon! Who is Jodie? My dear Jodie!. I’ve known her for, maybe, all my life. Since we were little. We were the best of friends, buddies, soul mates…Best gals for life, until Ian came. I remember, we used to have fun doing sleep overs and story tellings at night at her house. I always tell her stories about a Prince Charming saving his Princess trapped

by dogma, fears, religion and culture

in a far away dungeon somewhere. Actually, I was the princess she always saves and she was my protector

all the time

. Until we were in out teens, she protected me from bullies

imagine a beautiful girl with polished nails, wearing make-up and shaped brows

, punching those who are trying to make fun of me because I wear eyeglasses bigger than my face

literally like a bumble bee

and somewhat a nerd, since I was smart, that’s what I hear from my classmates. She, this pretty girl, Jodie, was my hero. When I was sad, she makes me laugh.

She always says. Hi! Often, with that angelic face smiling at me from heaven. She has her girl friends who also make me smile and laugh because of their funny jokes. They are like these fandom or flock or flamingoes that stick together no matter what happens, come hail or high water. They love taking pictures, polas with faces, memes of her and her friends for public use. She was given a polaroid camera and a turntable which I loved so much. My grandmother used to have one where she used to play tangos, and old music while she dances on its tunes. Those were the days when I was so happy with her. Jodie loves to tell jokes and make faces. She’s the sweetest angel I met who I still want to be with forever. Yes, but Ian came.

I mentioned that earlier, right! Okay! He was cool, hunk of a guy in high school that Jodie had a crush on. I was very quiet and timid then, so I just run along with their dates, always as the third wheel. But it’s strange, when I get to like a guy, Jodie would seem to ignore me and like get mad at me. Well maybe I’m just paranoid. Anyway, they did many things together, like visiting ‘Aurora Borealis’ in Norway, the Bengal River in India and rode ‘huskies’ in the cold, snowy grounds of Alaska. They dated for years, yet Jodie eventually broke up with him because she was fed up of his womanizing, especially when she was in the height of her singing career.

Always catching him with another girl in parties or events. Ian got carried away with fame and it was a sad thing, most especially with Jodie. I’m always there for her and supported her all the way. I never left her side. She was there for me too and never forgot me, her close friends. She is very busy touring, especially now that she has a new album to promote. The first album was a big hit that almost all radio stations play her songs. Jodie Moon is very popular now more than ever. I miss her so much, her company, the Jodie who’s always been there for me.

Knock! Knock!, someone’s at the door. Oh! Yes? Alex answered. It’s Sanjay!, the model’s here, he said as if very excited he can’t stay put in one place. Didn’t Basil tell you, she arrived earlier than expected. Get ready with your cam! See you in the next room in 15…,he added walking away fast, excited. Wait what’s her name…ah huh??? Hmm! A girl model…weird. Who set this up, anyway? Alex thought strangely. I didn’t even know her name!, Alex shrugged and left with her camera on her neck.

The hotel is very extravagant! Wow…Cool view of the beach, trees, the solitude, the fresh air, where you can only hear the sound of the waves. This room looks very expensive..hmm! Who is this mysterious model who I’m given this priveledge to take her photos. Ha! Ha! I wonder!. Alex was fixing her stuff while walking towards the room next to her.

So, going back to Jodie, Okay! She became so popular she was invited to do shows in Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, London, California, China, Germany and many more. Her song, “I Miss You”. And “To Be With You” were massive hits that they took No. 1 spot for months in local and international charts.

Alex! Hey! Are you there?, Basil interrupted. Okay! I will be there in a minute!

I’m peeing though and just looking at Jodie’s old photos on my Canon, my old cheap camera bought on a second-hand store in China

. Now delving myself into a DSLR and Nikon D7200 for more sophisticated and artistic shots for my models and photo shoots.

Alright! I’m here, I shouted while feasting my eyes with the room I’m in now. I heard that this is the best room here, I thought to myself. A four star hotel, Henann Lagoon Resort in Boracay, really makes my summers tranquil and happy. Oh! Hi!....a familiar voice said while I was still appreciating the beautiful view outside the window of the the said room.

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