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Ha"Y/N—ah...please get your lunch before you leave for school!"

I heard mom yell from downs the stairs while I was upstairs fixing up myself for school, three weeks had already passed since I joined that Hell—Hole deluded in a fancy structure termed as a school, Gwaenchan High


I was quick in making progress, studies in Korea were way easier as compared to England so I didn't have a hard time in academics but that really does not count when you are new, what counts is making new friends and blend in the crowd.

New students are treated as total freaks, good thing no one tried to bully me on my first day since this guy called Park Bogeom stuck up around me. He was a long—shot, a total hunk girls spawned on. To me, he was just a random dude. I had seen more handsome guys abroad, Korean dudes didn't acquaint me a bit. Moreover, no bully stepped on my toes because Bogeom stuck by my side.

I wasn't much of a social butterfly neither do I initiate talk, if you wanna talk with me then cool I'm in but if not then no worries. Fashion wasn't in my priority list either, where most girls considered high school as their personal fashion show where the hottest chick wins, I see my comfort first; for me comfort is savored in loose shirts, buttons ups or sweatshirt or hoods paired with skinny jeans, bell bottoms

NOT THE 1980's

or simple sweat pants.

I'm just an average looking girl, staring at my reflection with defeated eyes, I looked at my features mentally asking God what the heck went wrong with His mixture when he was preparing me, a little bit of chemical X? No I think it was a bit of Poo! Sorry for that offense but if you were in my shoes you'd probably use an even worst term.

I had a skinny body, my legs resembled that of a chicken. My face was thin and bony and I was as pale as a freaking ghost with dark round pitch black eyes and dark hair. If you wanna have an insight watch that demon boy from The Grudge to get a better picture, that's how ugly I am.

"Y/N, won't you be late?" Dad asked knocking on the door of my bedroom to get my attention.

Stepping out from my daze and depression, I stared at my father from the mirror who held a smile. "My daughter is so beautiful," he grinned giving me a raised fist. I chuckled grabbing my bag fist bumping him.

"POW!!" He cheered at the collision giving my a bro—pat, yep I was a tomboy and extremely closed to my father who didn't allow my diva—ish mother to spoil me with brands and shit and I was thankful for that.

"That's my girl!" He smiled proudly ruffling my hair. I smiled, disappointment taking hold of me.

I wish I could be loved by others as much as I am loved by my parents. I wish the others would treat me like a human rather than some introverted freak, if only there was someone who'd pull me out of this little shell I'm un willingly locked in. Maybe life would be just as bright as the burning sun

Jungkook's POV.

"Oh dude, did you know that the flag of America has 12 stars?" Taehyung said, his mouth hanging in amazement while Jimin and I stared at him bewildered.

"I don't care dude!" Jimin spat snatching Tae's phone, "Please stop saying educational shit in the morning, coming to school is enough."

"Hey! They don't give that information in schools!" Taehyung argued snatching his phone back. Jimin sighed ruffling his dark hair annoyed, I chuckled, hyung isn't a morning person. If anyone messes with him in the early hours he was ready to throw a fit.

From the corner of my eye, I could see a bunch of girls standing by the tree fangirling at the three of us. It made me smile, no I am not proud over my looks nor do I like to use them to get anyone laid, I just like the attention. Attention that I didn't really get from those whom I really loved, my family. The thought made me upset, they were too busy for their only son.

Since childhood, I had seen more of servants than my parents. I spent most of my time with my friends now, hanging out with them till late nights because I knew there won't be anyone home to worry about my whereabouts, no one home to worry why I came home so late.

"Kook?" Taehyung asked shaking my shoulder. I sighed looking at him with tired eyes, "Don't give me a weird fact again!"

"He probably would..." Jimin said tiredly leaning his back against the step while closing his eyes.

"No, I was just talking about the girls looking at us, are we supposed to be here?" Taehyung asked worriedly making me role my eyes and Jimin snorted, "Bro, they are looking at us because we are really hot!"

"Of course we are, we are sitting under the sun." Taehyung raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"Hyung, are you sure you're 22...." I asked. "Yes I am, and guess what!"

Jimin opened an eye looking at him, "I'm not cocky either!"

Now that we are successfully done with Taehyung's childishness, before introducing myself I'd clarify he isn't that air—headed all the time. He's actually a freaking genius however, where most people get cranky early in the morning Taehyung becomes a little kid and yes the situation may exceed to the level of a drunkard's mind.

That being cleared; Anneyong Everyone! I'm Jeon Jungkook and sadly speaking, if you don't know me you need to wake up. My friends and I, otherwise known as BTS, are the crowned princes of Gwaenchan High. That's not literal of course, just a title from our fangirls. We're really famous, this High School is like our personal playground, however we are mature enough to know our boundaries.

Jin Hyung, the oldest, has the principle as his step—dad and the head mistress as his biological mother.

Namjoon Hyung is the smartest person you'd ever meet, but with a sexy brain he isn't very stable in physique. Perfectly built and buff, however he uses his muscles to break things more than impressing.

Yoongi Hyung is like the walking fire, he is the finest man to discuss your issues with. He'd stay up nights hearing you rant and then he'll give a life changing advice on your matters.

Hoseok or Hobi Hyung is an anti—depressant. I know that because whenever the whole family thing began to get me I'd go to him and he'd cheer me up.

Jimin, the playboy, he's really an amazing and sweet person. Very caring however a complete devil when it comes to girls, flirting on a daily bases is basically his empowerment for the day.

Taehyung, the king of looks...no sorry, the prince of looks since Jin Hyung as the throne for King. He is a multi—personality, idiot at one point genius at other.

Things are really complicated in my world, even if I'm surrounded by amazing people, BTS who are my best friends and girls who'd even jump a well for me if I ask them to....I still don't have the one I'd really love, a girl who I'd give my all to. I'm 21 years old and single with not even a single girl on my dating list and if I do find one in the future, hopefully, she'd have the first and the last spot in my heart.

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