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“Sexy as sin librarian. Fuck me running,” Tank growled into my mouth before sucking my bottom lip between his with an audible plop. “Jesus, your body is insane.” He ran his hands down my sides and cupped my bum, fingers squeezing delectably.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around his thick neck and lifted my leg up toward his hip. He was too bloody massive to get a good lock. “Bed,” I mewled as he ran his tongue down my neck.

“Not done,” he murmured against my heated skin. He nuzzled down between my breasts where the low scoop neck of my silk tank opened. His hands glided back up my sides to grip both of my breasts, lifting them so that the fleshy globes spilled out the top of my tank graphically. I moaned as his hot tongue skated across each breast. His fingers were not idle. He kneaded and pinched at the erect peaks hidden behind the lace of my bra and top.

“Please, bed.” I tried to hike my leg up to secure a delicious bit of friction where I wanted him most. “You’re too bloody tall for me.” I clenched my jaw, dug my nails into the back of his shoulders through his shirt, and huffed.

Tank chuckled, a deep rumbling sound that I felt all the way to my toes. I barely categorized the heat of the moment when his hands left my breasts and fumbled with the catch on my trousers until he scored what he wanted. The fabric slipped down my legs and pooled at my ankles. Before I could move, he curled his giant hands around each ass cheek and lifted straight up. My red peep—toe heels fell to the floor when I wrapped my legs around his trim waist. He didn’t even stop sucking at the flesh of my breasts, reacting to my weight as though I was light as a feather.

I locked my legs and ground over his denim—clad erection, moaning with delight.

He pressed me harder against the door of the room he’d brought me to in the ski lodge—style clubhouse. The party was in full swing outside in the heart of the club and inside this room.

I ran my fingers through Tank’s loose black layers at the crown of his head. The sides had been cropped close, very military, which pressed all my buttons. There wasn’t much to hold on to, but I twisted my fingers in as best I could and arched my body against that steely erection for all I was worth.

“Are we going to shag against the door, or are you going to let me have my fun too, Romeo?” I finished off with a yelp when he bit down hard over my nipple through my top.

Without a word, he pulled me away from the door and had me on my back on the bed. He ripped his t—shirt over his head.

My eyes bugged out of my head. “Blooming hell, you’re positively gilded. A damn brick wall.” I lifted up on one elbow and ran my other hand down the planes of his obscenely well—defined chest. It was beyond the realm of reason. “You’re a bloody work of art. I’m almost scared to touch you.” I couldn’t help the awe in my tone as I traced each chiseled abdominal muscle until I reached the fine dusting of hair that went down into a perfect line toward his cock.

Tank grinned and unbuttoned his pants. “Take your shirt off. I wanna see your tits bounce while I fuck you.”

Without preamble, I sat up and ripped my silk tank over my head and tossed it to the floor, attempting to hurry so as to not disrupt my view of the Adonis disrobing at the side of the bed.

He kicked off his boots, toed off his socks and, with an arched brow, pushed his jeans down his tree—trunk sized muscular thighs.

“Unbelievable,” I gasped as his body blistered my vision with male perfection.

His large member sprung to attention, which led me to believe he either pushed his underpants down along with the jeans, or he didn’t wear them. I fanned my face and licked my lips at the sight of my current obsession. It was long, thick, and glistening at the tip. I wanted it in my mouth more than life sustaining air at that moment.

“You keep looking at me like that, pretty lady, and you’re gonna get your mouth fucked before I ever get a taste of you.”

I shook my head, leaned back, spread my legs, and crooked a finger. “Hop on, Romeo. I’ll take an IOU on me so I can get a taste of you first.”

He cursed and brought a knee to the bed then straddled me, a leg on each side of my chest, and his beautiful length hovered right over my face. I glanced up his gorgeous body and smirked. “One thing you need to learn about me, soldier: I always get what I want first.” I winked and then swallowed him down as far as I could go. No teasing. No flicks of the tongue, just straight up gold medal, mind blowing suction right off the top. I had him coming in mere minutes, swallowing down his heated essence and humping the air as I did.

His head lifted to the sky on a long, drawn out groan. His beautiful body trembled for a few moments and then went eerily still.

I let his length slip from between my lips and laid back…waiting. For a full sixty seconds, he breathed and didn’t so much as look at me.

Right before my eyes, and much to my astonishment, his length hardened again. It seemed even larger than the first go.

I gasped, and he finally set his dark blue gaze on me. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

I blinked and smiled coyly. “In Euros or US Dollars?”

“Oh, pretty lady, this is going to be a long night.”

I stretched like a cat, my arms above my head, bringing my still covered breasts together while I lifted my pelvis, reminding him that he was still straddling my mostly naked form.

“Do your best, Romeo.”

He leaned down, his hands resting beside my shoulders, bringing his face closer to mine. “Be careful what you wish for, baby. You don’t know who you’re playing with.” He lifted one of his hands and stroked down the center of my body, his large hand snaking under my knickers where he instantly inserted two thick fingers.

I arched, pressing my lower half up hard on his hand, and cried out.

“Fuck me, I think I’ve met my match in the bedroom,” he growled, fingering me hard and fast.

“Oh Romeo, Romeo, promises promises,” I teased before his full lips crashed down over mine in a fiery kiss.

His fingers moved, hooked deep, and his thumb centered on my hot button. I cried out into his mouth as a quick but intense orgasm blazed through my body.

He lifted up, ripped my thong off and undid the front hook on my bra until my breasts were free. He grabbed a foil packet from the nightstand and put it over his length. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re no longer able to quote Shakespeare.”

“To be…or not to—”

“Be fucked. That is the ultimate question,” he roared before he spread my legs and thrust home.

From that moment on, I was no longer able to quote Shakespeare.

I was having the shag of my life.

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