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She was ruthless and determined to conquer the world, but in the end, she was flattered by someone.


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"Madam Bai, hurry up and take a look. Which one is your biological daughter?"

"That's right! We're still waiting to see the future princess!"

Bai Huang heard the noise. She covered her head with her hands, and blood seeped into her eyes.

A splitting headache!

The last scene in her memory was that the bullet had pierced through her chest. She should have been dead!

The bullet had pierced her heart!

As a special agent who could only carry out secret tasks, Bai Huang had always been proud of her profession. Even if she had to die gloriously in the end, she was just an orphan. She was just reluctant to part with her best friends!

"I wonder if everyone has managed to survive that mission?" Bai Huang thought to herself.

"Don't pretend to be dead, get up!" Someone kicked her from behind. White Phoenix forcefully ignored her head that was about to split open and saw the situation in front of her.

Memories flooded in like a tide.

The owner of this body was also called Bai Huang. She was from the Tianfeng Kingdom. It was just that her identity was a little awkward, because she was an illegitimate daughter left behind by Mrs. Bai during a romantic night outside.

And he didn't know who his biological father was.

However, Madam Bai had hidden her and raised her. She often beat or scolded her because she was born to be a good-for-nothing.

Even though she didn't want to admit it, the white phoenix was certain that she had traveled through time and arrived at a foreign world where strength reigned supreme.

It was not a big deal to have a useless body, but it was better to hide and live a peaceful life than anything else. It was just that the news that Madam Bai had an illegitimate daughter was dug out by the third uncle of the Bai family. At this time, she was hanging out with a few women and kneeling in front of the Bai family's door.

The wound on her head was still caused by the Bai family.

In their eyes, she was just a humble ant that could be trampled on at will.

"Madam?" The butler of the Bai family smiled hypocritically and reminded Madam Bai, "Hurry up and have a look. Which one of them is Miss Bai, who is left outside?"


"Haha, you don't deserve to be called Miss Bai, do you?"

"It's just an illegitimate child outside!"

The crowd burst into laughter.

White Phoenix raised her head, looking at her cheap mother.

He had hidden her for so many years, but now he pretended not to know her?

She was lying on the ground with her head broken and bleeding.

"What are you looking at? My wife is also someone you can look at!" A maid who had been standing beside her slapped her in the face with a ferocious look.

Bai Huang's carelessness was actually obtained by her. Coupled with her dizziness and blurred vision, her body that hadn't been trained was just too weak.

Heh... The corners of her lips curled into a cold smile. She, Bai Huang, had never suffered such humiliation in her entire life.

This girl was the one that Madam Bai had planted beside her and brought her up since she was a child. Look at how skilled she was when hitting her!

A cold glint flashed across Bai Huang's eyes, like a venomous snake baring its fangs.

The servant girl frowned and took a step back unconsciously. Why did she suddenly feel a chill on her back just now?

"What are you looking at!" When the girl thought that she had been forced back by this good-for-nothing, she couldn't help but want to kick him again. She saw the killing intent in the girl's eyes.

There was a ball of fiery red airflow on the tip of her shoe, but she knew in her subconscious that if she was kicked, she would probably be reincarnated again!

The cruelty in Bai Huang's eyes rose and she directly grabbed her foot. Before the girl could react, she pulled out the hairpin from her head and plunged it into the girl's throat in front of everyone.

"Hey! Hey!" The girl struggled twice, and blood kept coming out of her mouth, and then she stopped breathing.

Bai Huang's expression was calm as she pulled out the hairpin. She covered her wound and threw the hairpin onto the ground. Her back was perfectly straight. Those who wanted to kill her would likely die in front of her!

The eyes of Madam Bai, who had been indifferent, twitched violently. For the first time, she looked at her daughter, who had been humiliated.

She didn't look like him at all. The useless daughter in her memory always looked at her with eager eyes, which was very annoying.

Bai Huang looked back coldly, as if she was looking at a stranger with a knife in her eyes.

"Those who hurt my Bai family?" Madam Bai felt a chill in her heart. She even felt ridiculous that her daughter might destroy everything about her in the future. "Come on, drag her down and beat her to death!"

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