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"Lu Zhan! Stand out!"

At this time, an angry roar sounded.

Lu Zhan shivered and immediately looked ahead.

In front of him, a well-equipped special forces team stood resolutely in front of him.

Under the scorching sun, they stood tall and straight with a determined look on their faces. Even though they were sweating profusely, they didn't move at all!

The ferocious wolf head medallion on his shoulders was even more conspicuous!

Wolf's Old Cannon!

Evil wolf!

The Forest Wolf Geng Jihui!

A big-tailed wolf mantis!

"He's a Werewolf with a bald tail!"

Green wolf, Zhuang Yan!

Lone Wolf Group B!

"It's Lone Wolf Group B!" Lu Zhan was shocked. "Did I time-travel here?"

Looking down, at this time, Lu Zhan was wearing a camouflage military uniform with an empty badge on his shoulder, which was particularly eye-catching.

"Damn it, I've really time-traveled!"

At this time, the whole group of Lone Wolf Team B was staring at Lu Zhan.

"Lu Zhan! Are you deaf?" With another roar, Lu Zhan came to his senses.

"Ah? Call me? I'm here!" Lu Zhan's reaction was slow. Immediately, a burst of laughter came.

The new recruits, including the other soldiers, sneered mercilessly.

Even the members of group B of Lone Wolf showed a smile on their faces.

The monitor of Class One, Zhao Hong, was also very livid and his face was very ugly.

"I'm calling you to come out!" Zhao Hong roared angrily.

Only then did Lu Zhan stand up.

At this time, Lu Zhan became the focus of the sports ground.

On the sports ground, the soldiers of the three classes were staring at Lu Zhan, and the way they looked at Lu Zhan was quite strange.

Some of them looked at her with mocking eyes, some with disdain, and some with gloating faces.

"Are you Lu Zhan? The legendary man who doesn't obey discipline and has a very poor military quality?" At this time, Old Cannon stood out and asked with a playful face.

Before Lu Zhan could speak, Old Cannon continued, "I heard that when you were hitting the target on the ground 100 meters away, four shots were emptied out of 10 shots? And two shots hit someone else's target?"

"I also heard that you couldn't run the five-kilometer cross-country, went to the mountain to take a path, and was besieged by wild wolves? In the end, the special warrior team members saved you."

"You're a celebrity!"

As soon as Old Cannon finished his words, there was a burst of laughter immediately.

The thirty soldiers present all laughed.

Zhao Hong's face was even more livid. He wished he could bury his head in the ground, because he was the squad leader of the infantries. His face was devoid of face!

Lu Zhan was also embarrassed because what Old Cannon said was true.

Lu Zhan used to be a gangster.

He had offended a big shot in his hometown, so he had no choice but to join the army.

When he arrived in the army, he didn't want to repent. He continued to be unruly, unruly, and lazy. Lu Zhan was the first one!

He was also very famous among the new recruits.

"Yes, it's me," Lu Zhan replied cheekily.

Hearing this, a trace of disdain flashed across Old Cannon's eyes, and the smile on his face turned cold.

"You don't have to be a soldier."

"I despise soldiers like you the most!"

"After the end of the three-month wait for the new recruits, you will definitely be persuaded to retreat. Just wait to pack up and get out of here!"

Zheng III was a member of the Special Warfare Group of Lone Wolf Team B. He had supreme faith in soldiers. Lu Zhan's performance showed that he was a soldier hooligan.

As for Zheng Three both of them, they looked down on the army ruffians the most!

After hearing Zheng Sanbao's words, Lu Zhan's heart was immediately ignited with anger.

An infant?

He was not an infant! His biggest dream was to be a soldier and become a special forces soldier!

"Report!" Lu Zhan roared.

"Go ahead," Old Cannon said lightly and didn't even look at Lu Zhan.

"I'm not an infant! I didn't do it before, nor am I doing it now!"

Lu Zhan blushed and shouted.

After hearing Lu Zhan's words, Lone Wolf Group B and all the recruits looked at Lu Zhan, looking at him strangely.

Lu Zhan said that he was not a jackal, just like the bar DJ said that he was not a jerk. He had no confidence at all.

At this time, Zhao Hong couldn't stand it anymore. He glared at Lu Zhan and said, "Lu Zhan, what are you talking about? You are just a regular soldier!"

"Today is the day for Lone Wolf Team B to select special warfare recruits. Don't make trouble for me! Get in the queue!"

Zhao Hong was the class leader of Lu Zhan, so he knew Lu Zhan well.

He had no confidence in Lu Zhan at all.

In the army, it couldn't be said that they were elites.

However, Lu Zhan's body did not move at all.

The former Lu Zhan was dead! Lu Zhan, who had the dream of joining the army, was the current Lu Zhan!

When Old Cannon saw Lu Zhan's firm eyes, he also smiled.

"Hehe, you're not a infant? How can you prove that you're not a infant?"

"It's been two months since the new recruits joined us. Do you have the basic military quality?"

"Have you passed the test of your physical strength? Can you do two hundred push-ups? Have you passed the test of your spear skills? Have you passed the test of your fighting skills?"

"Do you know what a soldier's duty is? Do you obey orders? Did you do it?"

After that, Old Cannon patted Lu Zhan's chest with a contemptuous face and said, "If you are not an infant, who is an infant?"

All the recruits looked at Lu Zhan.

There was no sympathy in their eyes.

Because Lu Zhan's performance in the new recruits in the past two months made everyone feel cold in their hearts.

He lost the face of the new recruit! He lost the face of the iron boxing group! Such a person was not worthy of sympathy at all.

Lu Zhan raised his head and looked at the old cannon, with flames of war burning in his eyes.

Old Cannon's words touched the deepest part of Lu Zhan's heart. His dignity and dream could not be trampled on!

"I'm not an infant!"

"Even if I had made a mistake before, at least the current Lu Zhan is not an infant! No!"

After hearing Lu Zhan's words, Old Cannon immediately laughed with disdain.

"Haha, do you dare to prove yourself?"

Old Cannon's eyes were full of provocation, as well as his arrogance! The arrogance of the special forces!

Hearing this, Lu Zhan looked at Old Cannon, his eyes full of determination!

"How can I prove it?"

Zheng Three both took down the rifle hanging on his body. With a click, the bullet was loaded directly!

Then, he handed the rifle in his hand to Lu Zhan and said scornfully, "Use your strength to prove it!"

At this time, there was a burst of laughter around.

Everyone knew that Lu Zhan's spear skills were the most useless! He didn't dare to prove himself!

Lu Zhan looked at the rifle and clenched his fist. He didn't even touch the gun. How could he prove himself with only his hot blood?

At this moment, a machine-like voice suddenly sounded beside Lu Zhan's ear.

[Name: Lu Zhan]

Military rank: New Warrior

[Fighting capacity: 30]

[Power: 5]

Speed: 5

Defense: 5

perk: 5

Physical Strength: 5

[ responded: 5]

[ didn't.]

Equipment: No. 1

"The god-level system has been successfully integrated!"

"Please press the order and receive your reward for today's meeting. It's a gift gift for the new recruits!"

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