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  Jessie's POV

  I woke up from the continuous knocking on the door and my doorbell ringing.

  I yawn and looked on the side table where the clock was.

  What the heck. Who in their right mind is on my door at 7 in the morning?

  I covered my head with another pillow determine to continue what I was doing before someone came and decided to pester the life out of me.

  Unlucky for me, the person outside the door seems to determine to wake me up.

  I lazily pull out the blanket out of me and sat on my bed. Whoever it is outside can wait the day out and kiss their ass.

  Another knock.


  But I decided otherwise because I can't sleep anyways with the continues knocking and bell ringing, it's hurting her ears.

  "I swear, whoever this person is, I’m going to get a life this early in the morning."

  I can't help but yelp out another yawn. My eyes still close and no doubt, a few more second would be enough to drag me back to sleep.

  The bell still rings. This time, the person outside seems to put their bloody fingers permanently on it.


  I angrily stood up and walk to my front door, stomping my feet.

  This is one of those times where I regret ever being alone and no one would do these things for me.

  Yes, I live alone. I don't have a family because I was an orphan but I can't say I don't have someone because I have my adoptive father. But two years ago, I decided to live away from him so I can be independent.

  Honestly, I don't even have the energy to stand up as I'm still tired from all the part-time jobs that I'm had had these past few weeks, and of course, due to lack of sleep.

  Looking like a zombie who just stood up from her grave, I marched groggily on my way to the door, my long grey hair is a mess, not even caring if there's a mark of drool visible on my face.

  I did not even bother to cover myself. I'm wearing a spaghetti strap blouse and black shorts.

  What? I was sleeping, okay?

  Without checking who the person is through the peephole, I angrily swung the door open only to be greeted by three men, one is someone I'm too familiar with while the other two are someone almost her age.

  "PD-nim?" her jaws dropped on the floor when I realized who my visitors were.

  "Are you not going to let us in?" the older guy said while looking at her questioningly, while the other two looked away surprise on how she looks.

  "Ne, come in." I gestured them to come in and opened the door widely so they can enter.

  After realizing what I was wearing, I immediately run my way to my room to wear a pair of loose pants and a sweatshirt.

  After checking my reflection on the mirror, I made my way to the bathroom to rinse my face. I did not bother to fix my hair because I'm not really comfortable showing my face to people.

  Once she's sure she looked decent enough, she went back to the living room and faced her father and visitors who are busy checking out the place.

  "I'm sorry, do you need anything? water, juice, coffee?" I asked in embarrassment, my face glued to the ground.

  To be honest, I have problems looking people in the eyes especially if I'm not familiar with them. A problem I always had even before my stepfather adopted me.

  I had a hard childhood. I never knew who my parents were then one day, Choi PD showed up and adopted me. It turns out that one of the facilitator from the orphanage is his relative and had told things about me to Choi PD. And the rest is history.

  Even though my stepfather tried his best to give everything to me, I was never comfortable being with a lot of people.

  Now, I live my life diminishing my presence to the people around me. I wear a cap and a face mask whenever I go out. I was home schooled.

  The part-time jobs that I have are all from inside my stepfather's company. But don't worry, the things that I do doesn't require me to mingle with a lot of people.

  You see, my adoptive father is Choi PD of Healing Heart Entertainment. But of course, nobody really knew about me and I prefer it to stay like that. Besides, I only call him Dad when we're alone.

  "It's fine. I came here to tell you that you don't need to go to the office from now on." I looked at him in confusion, still avoiding the eyes of the two people behind him.

  "These guys will be staying beside your unit and I want you to take care of them."

  My attention was taken by the two boys who immediately greeted me after I looked into them.

  "Hello, we're VOELEVARD boys!" two of them greeted and I almost jumped in surprise.

  "I'm Rome, the leader of the group."

  "And I'm Josh, the oldest and most handsome." then he gave me a wink. I bowed my head in surprise. I can only hear my stepfather chuckle perhaps, already used with the playfulness of the guy.

  "Don't worry, these seven boys are well-behaved. I'm sure you're safe to stay with them. I decided not to hire another person because I can't trust people nowadays."

  "PD-nim..." my voice sounded weak that it almost came out as a whisper.

  "Well, sorry to disturb your sleep. We'll go. I'll drop by another time"

  I just stared on the floor and nodded, still unable to comprehend what is happening. I lead them back to the door and before my stepdad go, he looked back and tapped my shoulder.

  "Take a rest." he said.

  Though my stepdad is not very showy, I know that he cares about me. He understands me and I really appreciate him a lot. I just nodded and I had to bow my head when that Josh guy gave me wink.

  "Ow!" he exclaimed as Rome hit him on the shoulder.

  "Let's go." My father closed the door for me, noticing that I'm still out of myself.

  After five long minutes, I looked up and closed my eyes.

  Did he just said I need to take care of seven boys? Like, seven grown-up boys?

  I mentally face-palmed myself.

  This will be hard.

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