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Women are crazy for me, but a poor little chick slapped me and called me ugly??!
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What happens when you are born into billions?

Wait, don't answer that yet.

What happens if you happen to be the most handsome man in your country?

Don't answer that still.

Okay answer this please.

What happens if you are born into billions and also happen to be the most handsome man in the world?

Well no need to think too much about the answer, the answer to that question is simple. you will be....

Lee Chun, AKA, The Sex God.

Lee Chun, who is about to clock 18 years, happens to be the only son of a business tycoon who goes by the name, Mr Lee Hung. Mr Lee Hung is one of the most powerful men in South Korea and of course he is a billionaire, a freaking multiple billionaire!

Lee Chun has two beautiful elder sisters. Mia and Kia but he is the apple of his parents eyes, and there is nothing Lee Chun would ask for that he didn't get, he doesn't even need to ask everything is brought to him in excess for him to choose and select from, so of course Lee Chun grow up to be a very spoilt brat couple with the fact he is super handsome, the most handsome man in South Korea if not the world! He became a walking magnet.

Girls chase after him, they practically throw themselves on his feet, both Adults and Teens alike and Lee Chun is never the shy type. He doesn't believe in love, he loves no one but himself. He is a real man whore. However he is very picky of the girls that share his bed, only the prettiest and hottest of the bunch get to share his bed. It doesn't matter if you are single, engaged or married. If he finds you hot you most surely end up in his bed you have no choice cause you will be the one to beg him to f**k you. That's how good he is.

Any woman who has been opportuned to get a taste of Lee Chun always want more, they confess he is a sex machine, a freaking sex god!

No one f**ks better than Lee Chun.

That's actually a line from a famous song in South Korea, sung by a popular female artist, just for Lee Chun.

And guess what?... Lee Chun has f**ked her too.

Ladies love Lee Chun so much but the men hate him with passion. They hate him with even more passion than the women love him, especially the married men with pretty wives. They don't even want to hear Lee Chun's name being mentioned when their wives are around and they have banned their wives from mentioning his name or gazing at his pictures.

Still many wives have left their husbands just to spend a night with Lee Chun, many relationships, engagements, weddings and families has fallen apart because of this young man named Lee Chun, but no one dares do anything to him unless you are prepared to face not only the wrath of his powerful and wealthy father but also the wrath of all women in South Korea...

Location: Palace hall hotel and suite

Time: Early morning.

Lee Chun's POV

“ Oh god! Oh yeah! Yessssssss!.... Oh yeah!!! Sex god.... Oh yeah.."

For hours she kept screaming out moans and singing my praises as I torture that creamy hole of hers.

Now I am taking her from the back. In a perfect doggy style position with her breasts resting flat on the bed while her ass shoots up in the sky. She is really tight down there and I loved the way she receives all my thrust grinding back hard at me...

After a while

I flipped her over, throwing one of her legs on my shoulder and I start penetrating her deep while squeezing her left b**bs.

“ Ahhhhhhhhh!....Yeahhhhh! "...

She climaxed and after awhile I came with my d**k inside of her.

Well, I'm also always protected. If you know what I mean so no worries.

I left her on the bed to catch her breath, wearing back my trousers...

“ You are the best! I'm totally exhausted, you are so sweet. I love you so much..."

She kept complimenting and praising me.

I smiled “ what's that your name again? "

“ Kerai. "

“ Whatever, If you are loving me, don't forget to leave some love for your soon to be husband or have you forgotten you are getting married in an hour's time? "

I reminded her, glancing at the side of the bed where her wedding gown was lying.

“ I don't care about getting married, all I want is you even if this is the first time you are seeing me. I have always loved you since when I can remember. Can't you please be my groom? "

She said.

This bitçh must be crazy. The sex was really great but I am no lady's groom. I'm a free bird...

Quick rewind, the pretty lady I just finished f**king is a complete stranger to me. I only just met her this morning. Apparently today is her wedding day and this hotel is the venue. We met on my way down when I was escorting another lady who I spent the night with in the hotel. That lady also was a stranger to me too. I met her at a friend's party but let's not deviate to that.

So this bride to be had come to the hotel early for her pre-wedding preparation and rehearsals. She was even wearing her wedding gown when I saw her. She looked really beautiful and when she saw me I knew I was so f**king her next.

As expected she ended up spending her rehearsals in my hotel room...

“ I love you. Please love me back my handsome Lee Chun, please, "

She pleaded.

“ That word LOVE isn't in my dictionary. I have to go, it's nice knowing you Kate, " I said walking away.

“ It's Kerai. "

I heard her say from behind me.

“ Who cares, "

I cooed.



What do you think?

Will Lee Chun ever fall in love?

Or will he continue being a Sex god?

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