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  His human equal


when fate decide

  By Authoress Fik ky


  "I can never be yours, you mother f**king merciless blood sucker monster!"

  She said poking his chest while he just smirked.Turning around, she walk down to the door.

  Raisng his hand, she was raised by an invisible force which turned her around.

  "I told you, you are mine and mine alone!" He yelled with his eyes turning to red.

  All of a sudden, all the lights in the room turned off as a result of his anger.

  The only light in the room comes from his red fire blazing eyes.

  "No matter what, I won't bend to you!" She yelled trying to free herself from the invisible force.

  " You are still that beast that live on human blood only! "She yelled again.

  He closed his eyes tight before opening it again. His eyes is filled with nothing but range of anger.

  "How dear you!" He yelled holding his hand tight. She started chocking.

  All what she could see is spinning house but as for him, it's normal...

  Meet this two people who comes from different backgrounds.

  That both want the same thing but doesn't understand each other.

  Meaning their behavior are two different worlds which can never live in each other.

  What will happen if they meet each other? Fire works or war ... TBC

To be continued.

  Only if she knows what she is doing,she wouldn't have anger a vampire neither would she have fought his decision.

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  Also check out one of my story which is rejected

my human mate

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