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How Long is 500 Words?

by Shaundra Cragun | Feb 24, 2021 | Writing Tips | 0 comments

How Long is 500 Words?

by Shaundra Cragun | Feb 24, 2021 | Writing Tips | 0 comments

For most marketers, business owners and content managers, staying within budget is a very real thing. You’ve been given X amount of budget dollars to bring in X amount of revenue. As content marketing continues to establish itself as a worthy investment of marketing dollars, you’re likely to wonder what word counts get you the best bang for your buck.

How Many Words Do I Have To Write?

As you sort through content creation websites you’ll probably come across the ever common “500 word” blog post. Is this a good use of your marketing dollar? Exactly how long is 500 words?

In this article, we’ll cover different aspects about 500 words, other word sizes, and the content types that you might see at each of these different word count lengths.

how many pages is 500 words

How Long is 500 Words?

To start out, we’ll be covering 500 words and how it fits in the content spectrum. Your marketing goals may include the writing of a white paper, Ebook, web pages, blog posts, guest blogs, category pages, essays and more. Will 500 words work for what you need? How long should a blog post be? The answer isn’t as simple as finding a one-size fits all word count, since different content types usually have different purposes and require differing amounts of words to get that across.

That being said, knowing about how long 500 words is

among other word counts

should help you to make a decision that’s right for your audience and industry. So, when asking the question, “How long is 500 words?”, you need a starting point – and number of pages is as good as any.

How Many Pages is 500 Words?

So how many pages is 500 words? In a document with standard margins, single spacing and size 12 font, you can fit about 500 words in a page. This is because on average, there are about 5 letters in each word, about 15 words in a sentence, and the average paragraph is around 7 sentences. Variation in the length of words, sentences and paragraphs will cause natural deviation from the average.

When you’re trying to figure out how many pages is 500 words, or 1000 words or more, you can glance at the total number of pages and assume that each page holds about 500 words.

how many pages is 500 words

How Long is 500 Words Double Spaced?

One question that is often asked is “how long is 500 words double spaced?”. The answer is that depending on how large your font is and the actual font type you select, you may run anywhere from 1-2 pages as far as length. Paragraph amount shouldn’t change, but page length will.

How Many Paragraphs is 500 words?

Using the formula above of 15 words in a sentence and each paragraph being about 7 sentences, you can expect each paragraph to have a little over 100 words. So how many paragraphs are in 500 words? The simple answer to “how many paragraphs is 500 words?”, is about 5 paragraphs.

If you decide to follow the more recent trend of smaller paragraphs for digital consumption you may have up to 6 or 7 paragraphs for 500 words.

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