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"Come on now! Don't be a crybaby! We don't have whole day for this!" A high pitched voice rang through her ears as she cringed at the sharpness of voice. She took a deep breath and leaned forward to looked down but again back away.

'How can she screm so loud? Doesn't her throat get sore?' Sarah pondered.

"I already told you, I'm not going to do this! Not in this lifetime, atleast!" Sarah yelled at her friend until her voice come out hoarse but still she wasn't able to scream as loud as her. Her eyes sparkled with the rays of sun as determination to not jump overwhlemed her.

'She's out of her damn mind, if she thinks I'll ever jump from here.'

"I swear, Sarah, if you don't jump," There was a pause as Nancy smirked. "I will let Mathew know what you were doing behind his back." Nancy smirked.

'Fuck!.' Sarah groaned inwardly. She couldn't let her told Mathew anything.

"Do you know how much I hate you. Oh wait! No actually....." Sarah didn't even get time to complete her sentence before an arm was smacked around her waist and she was tossed in the water. Her screams echoed in quiet forest as she landed in the water with big splash.

"Hello, Sarah!" Falcon smirked as he watched Sarah's panicked self struggling in the water. He knew how much she hated water, she barely knew swimming, but still he always pulled stings like this to tease her. But this lake where she and her friends were, was shallow. They discovered this serene place few years ago when one day they were exploring places outside of the city.

The first time Sarah saw this place, it felt like she was in heaven with crystal clear lake and tall trees stood around like fortresses. But the thing she loved was the serenity and tranquility of this place. It made her senses calm and pacific.

"I hate you too Falcon Fiennes!!." Sarah shouted as soon as she caught her breath. She liked water but diving and swimming weren't her cup of tea.

She loved calmness water provided, looking at still water made her emotions still.

She sighed as she looked down at herself. She hadn't brought anything with her other than her phone and purse and now she was drenched from head to toe. Unaware of the fact that her once white sundress was now transparent, showing her pink bra and panties. Her hairs were all over her face.

Nancy wasted no time and started splashing water on Sarah which made her giggle as she returned the same gesture.

Falcon jumped into the water with loud splash making Sarah gasped. Her eyes trailer down his body as Falcon come at the surface after few moments and riffled his hairs to get rid of excess water. The lake was quite shallow and the water was reaching his torso. She watched as drops of water cascaded down his sculpted abs and hid behind his shorts. The muscles of his biceps flexed when he stretched out his arms and wholeheartedly laugh escaped his muscular chest as he looked down at her.

The mere action send shivers down her spine. Her eyes roamed on his body as his back muscles contracted. She had to admit that he was a sight to sore eyes.

He wasn??t a male model but he should have been. The lush, chestnut hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his carefree personality. His only blemish was that he was beetle-browed and they sometimes knitted in frustration.

The aquiline nose he sported complemented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He possessed a latent, leonine power and always walked with purpose and authority.

She had always admired his jade green eyes. Sloe shaped, they could shine as bright as the evening stars when they were a-light with joy.? Flamboyant of character, the room always filled with his sonorous, rumbling voice. He was also quick to crack a joke or fire off a humorous retort. His rakish clothes were a source of amusement to some, not least because they emanated an herbal smell.

He was talking and muscular but in a good way. She had a crush on him for his dashing personality but never had a nerve to confess to him. She dreaded his rejection, something she wasn't good with.

"Don't give me that look. I promise I'm not gonna do it again," she knew the real meaning behind his words.

He would do it again.

She rolled her eyes with a small smile on her lips as she turned around to hide away her flushed cheeks. It was difficult for her to move in the water because of her petite frame. Water was reaching her shoulders and opposing force was making it more difficult for her to go further.

Everything was different in her life now. She had a boyfriend now who loved her more than his life and she couldn't afford to lose him.


Mathew and Sarah had been dating for two months now. She met him during a meeting with his company. They found each other's company more interesting than that meeting. They exchanged numbers, had dinners, went to dates and then eventually Mathew proposed her. She saw no reason to say no to him. She liked him too.

But only problem was, with Falcon because he didn't approve of Mathew.? Falcon was not fully supported but he understood her eventually.

There were still times when there were little clashes between Mathew and Falcon but not anything that she couldn't handle.

"Don't tell me you are thinking about that asshole" Falcon's voice brought her out of her daze. She didn't liked Falcon calling Mathew names. She narrowed her eyes and glared at him.

"Shut up! Don't make me regret sparing your life for little stunt you pulled" Sarah narrowed her eyes to look intimidating but instead end up looking like angry bear. She couldn't bare the thought of anyone calling her Mathew names.

Falcon raised his hands in surrender with amused look on his face.

Sarah ignored him and turn her face to her other best friend, Nancy. Her pale, white skin glistens with rays of sunlight as her bliss-blue eyes shone with her electrifying smile. Sarah liked the way her platinum blonde hairs caressed her high cheekbones. If something Sarah was jealous of, was Nancy's sculpted figure which was twine-thin.

Cold wind hit Sarah's shoulder and she unknowingly shivers. Her lips trembled. The mere action didn't went unnoticed by Falcon. He quickly got out of the small lake and dried his body with spare towels they bought with them.

"That's all for today. Lets get back, the sun is already setting.!" He said ignoring Nancy's whines. Sarah wasted no time, in getting out of water. As she stepped completely out of water, her whole body trembled with the touch of cold wind. She was sensitive to evenings.

Falcon's breath got hitched as his eyes shamelessly raked over her body taking in every curve with his intense gaze. Her sun kissed skin glowed as seething rays of sun fell on her. He couldn't help but stared at her. She was a view to capture. Her way too long hairs were cascading down her back in waves of cinnamon brown. Her plum lips trembled as cool wind kissed them unapologetically. Her small hands wrapped around her small frame of 5'3. Her big choclate doe like eyes shut. Her body was to die for. The way that dress hugged her like second skin, making her curves more prominent, made his insides burn. Her perfectly sun kissed skin, glistening in sunlight, coming from sun which was about to hide behind tall mountains.

He wanted nothing more than to keep her for himself but he know better than to cross him.

Her eyes flew wide open when she felt the warmth of leather on her shoulders. She looked back and saw Falcon putting his leather jacked on her. He grinned at her hiding his desire behind his jade green eyes and she smiled back.

"Dont want you to catch cold now, do we?" Falcon said as he moved towards driver's seat and settled himself in. Sarah wasted no time to get in the warm car. She looked back and found Nancy already dressed in her dark washed jeans and white tshirt, sitting at the back, scrolling through her phone. She settled herself in passenger's seat and closed the door.

Sarah was now feeling little bit okay. She was exhausted today. She swore that she was not doing this again.

"Lets go" Falcon muttered. He started the engine and drove through dirt covered road, leading out of forest. As they reached the main road Falcon glanced at Sarah and saw her drifting off to sleep. She was clutching his jacket like her life depended on it, well technically it was. A small smile came up to his mouth. 'she is so fucking adorable' he thought to himself.

"He wants us to end it" Nancy's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"When?" Falcon asked without any emotion lacing in his voice. He knew that one day this would happen but he didn't expected it to be this early. He had spend years protecting her and now she was going to be away from him.

"Within two weeks" Nancy said looking sad. She was strongest women ever known but now spending years with Sarah made her weak in a good way. She never thought that she would be this close to someone but how wrong she was. Sarah was more than, she ever wished in a friend and she hated that she had lied to her.

Falcon on other hand was startled by this new news. He wished he could be able to spend more time with her but this had to be done. She was never his to begin with. And now his fear of losing her would punch him in the guts.

She was someone else's afterall.


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