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Natalie pov

I stood stunned at the door of room number 409. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was told that my mate was in this room. But what was that I heard? Moans and groans of pleasure? No, it couldn’t be. They must be mistaken. I told myself, as I tried my best to ignore the pounding headache that made me feel my head might burst open at any moment.

It has been a couple of months that I was suffering from excruciating headaches, but the pack doctor had simply told me that it could be because of the pregnancy. It could be true. I had barely been able to eat anything because of the morning sickness and I believed that it could cause these splitting headaches. Although some days were good, this pregnancy had made it hard for me to be there for my mate and it had been a while since I was able to do anything for him. Hence I wanted to surprise him today. I was feeling a lot better in the morning and since it was his birthday, I didn't want to miss celebrating it with him.

My pregnancy had made it harder for me to move around, however, I just wanted to surprise my mate on this special day. He had been working very hard on making this business a success so that by the time our little bundle of joy breathed his first breath in this world, he would have a steady and successful income to support all of us.

He had been working till late for the past few months. And I believed that he deserved something extraordinary for being such a hard worker. Being the alpha of the pack meant he already had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. So to make this business a success, he worked during his free time, after attending his duties.

"He deserves this," I mumbled to myself, smiling at the gift I held in my hand. He had always wanted an Audi, however had been refraining from buying one for himself since he wanted to save for the sake of our pup and this business.

I was hoping to give the keys to him as a surprise birthday gift, however, it looks like my obnoxious companion was back before I could meet my mate.

I turned around to leave. It couldn’t be him in this room. This room must be occupied by a couple and I was not going to find out who. I thought. I was about to leave when I heard a familiar voice scream.

“Ah....yes....faster Trevor!"

I froze. Was it just a coincidence that my mate also was called Trevor? And why did that woman sound so much like Tina, my best friend? I gulped and tried to calm my heart which was pounding hysterically in my chest. I tried to take deep, even breaths, however, being pregnant was making it hard for me to keep calm.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" The voice screeched, making my heart race. My breathing started to come out as deep gasps, as he grabbed onto the doorknob.

"Fuck! You are so tight, Ti!"

A familiar male voice growled and I felt as though the ground underneath me shook. That was my mate. My Trevor. And Ti was what I call Tina, my best friend.

"You know how to please me. Nat is so bad at this. There are times I feel I have to do everything. And now, she simply is just too sick to do anything with me. I'm so glad that I have you."

I could imagine him speaking to her lovingly as he pounded into her, just like he used to do to me before I got nauseous due to my pregnancy. It was my wolf sense of hearing that allowed me to hear their conversation so clearly. However, I wished I didn't hear that. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. Gasping for breath, I held onto my four-month-old bump.

How could Trevor do this to me? Wasn't he my mate? Wasn't he supposed to love me unconditionally? I am carrying his pup, for heaven's sake! Doesn't he acknowledge that?

"Ah fuck Trevor!" Tina screamed.

It was obvious that both of them were enjoying what they were doing. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I didn't find the strength to leave. All the energy in me was gone. My wolf, Nala, howled in my head in agony. Her mate had caused her unimaginable pain.

Tina and Trevor were the two people I had trusted the most besides my parents. Both of them had gone behind my back and enjoyed shredding my heart into little bits and pieces and enjoyed it while they did so.

I felt my pup move in my tummy, reminding me that I wasn't alone. Inhaling deeply, I swallowed my sniffles and wiped away the tears. I will be strong for the sake of my pup.

"Reject her, Trevor. Be mine. We can mark each other and be one," I heard Tina speak.

Looks like they had finished doing whatever they were up to, and suddenly I realised that my headache was now no more. The realisation hit me like a ton of bricks.

So those headaches were nothing but the cause of my mate's infidelity. My nose flared in fury. It was the pain of being cheated on. And did Tina think that Trevor would reject me just like that? The mother of his pup and the true luna of this pack?

I felt my anger boil my blood. I wanted to barge into the room and rip her hair off her pathetic head. She was delusional if she thought he would reject me…..

"I would. But my pup…."

Trevor's voice made my breathing hitch. So he was still with me for the sake of my pup? He didn't care about me? Not even the slightest amount? My eyes stung with unshed tears. How could he be so cruel?

"Okay. But promise me, you will reject her as soon as she gives birth and then we will live together. I have rejected my mate for you. Don't break my heart, Trev."

"Of course I won't, my love. You are way better than Nat. I will reject her and then you will be my luna. But I want my pup. He or she will be my firstborn. You will be my pup's mother," he cooed.

"Can't we get rid of her? " Tina asked.

"Yeah… something like killing her off?" I heard Trevor suggest and I felt as though the world stopped revolving. Aghast, I listened to the two traitors.

"Maybe we can do something. I'm the alpha. I can use one of my faithful men to kill her and make it look like an accident."

I couldn't believe my ears. I was so wrong to trust them. Tina, the one who I thought was like my sister and Trevor, my mate, and the one who was supposed to be my better half. My gaze fell on my bump. Were they planning to separate me from the apple of my eye? Were they scheming to kill me? And in addition to that, name that whore as his mother? Glancing at the closed door I slowly backed away.

I would never let that happen. Never.

Clutching onto the key in my hand I rushed towards the stairs. I moved as fast as I could. I was not going to stay in this pack for a second more.

"Nala, let's get out of here!" I screamed at my wolf through our link as I left the unchaste alpha with that slut.

"Yes! Let's run!" She answered.

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