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Being the only person in the school who doesn't have any friends sucks. It feels like I'm just a wandering ghost who has an unfinished business, well this is life for me. Everyday, I watch my classmates play at the gym and I start to imagine that I'm there laughing with them but in reality, they are laughing at me. It made me think that maybe there's something wrong with me.

"Hey" Yuki said while walking towards me. She's holding 2 bottles of cola though cola makes me nauseous.

"uh...erm, hey" I said while I avoided her gaze. She sat beside me and she handed me the other cola.

Ugh, I hate cola

"So..." She interupted my thoughts, "What are you doing?"  

"Er...nothing" I said

Then I noticed the scar on her hand. It was about 3 to 4 inches long...

"It was an accident and it was a long time ago" She said

"oh" was all that I can say

"What about you? Why are you always keeping your hood on your head?" she asked me with a curious expression

I'd forgotten why I always keep my hood on but everytime I go out, I instinctively put it on. The only weird thing is that if I don't put it on, it feels like I'm dying.

"I...I don't know" I said

She looked at me intensely. She wasn't content with the answer I gave.

Is it really that important to know the reason why I keep my hood on?

The School bell rang

"Oh, It's already time. Let's go, I don't want to be late for class" She said

"Sure" I said

The next day

It was the last period in the class, everybody was thinking hard about the questions in the test papers, but I finished mine earlier than I expected

Thinking back yesterday. That was the first time I've ever talk to a person and heck it was a girl. The only thing I'm worried about is why did it have to be Yuki. Every guy in this school likes her so much, well except for me since I've only met her for like a minute.

Sigh, when will this class end

"Mr. Takahashi!" The teacher yelled at me

"Yes, sir?" I said

"Are you finished? Did you answer all the questions correctly?" He asked

"Uhm..." I looked at my paper and all the questions have been answered

"Yes, sir" I said

He came to my table and instantly grabbed my paper. He looked at it then suddenly his expression changed

"Did you answer all these questions...politely?" he asked while raising his other eyebrow

"Yes, sir" I said.

Politely? What does he mean by that?

Suddenly, he put down my paper and went back to his desk without uttering a single word

Well, that was weird.

"Hey, Psychopath" Luke whispered to me

"Uhm, hey" I whispered back

Luke is the cool guy in the school. Athletic and handsome. He even lived overseas, no wonder most of the girls like him, and most of the boys wants to hang out with him. It's like, he is a god in the school, but not for me. I see him as an asshole.

"Give me your answers" He said to me

"Well, that would be against the rules" why did I say that!?

"Give it to me or I'll kick your ass" he said angrily.

Well, I don't want to get in trouble so I gave him my papers.

"Thanks, weirdo"

I literally hate this guy, but there's nothing I can do. I cannot fight a guy who is a feet taller than me with big muscles that can choke me to death.

30 minutes later

"okay, pencils down people" the teacher said

Luke gave my paper back then he stared at me.

"You should learn who's the boss here, weirdo" He chuckled

After that, we passed our papers and school was finished

At last, freedom

I instantly took my bag and went out

After walking for a while, I went down the alley where I usually walk and suddenly I noticed a guy being beaten. I got curious, so I walked closer to see what's happening.

Those uniforms, they are from my school.

I walked even closer but then I stepped on a can.

"Who's there?" said the guy who was doing the beating

Time to run

I ran as fast as I can, I don't want to get beaten. I knew that I was being chased so I decided to shake him off and head towards the road. I looked back if he was still there, then I recognised him

"Luke?" I said

"I'm gonna get you weirdo" he shouted

I got terrified. I ran faster and faster, until I reached the road and decided to keep on running. From there, I saw that he stopped chasing me, it made me glad.

Ha! You'll never catch me!

As I was about to reach the other side of the road, my sight suddenly disappeared. All I can see was darkness. My body can't move and I felt colder and colder as time passes. Suddenly, my eyes slowly opened and I noticed myself laying on the ground. There were a lot of poeple surrounding me. All of them were panicking

What's going on?

I saw blood oozing from my head 

What happened?

From there, I saw a big truck beside me. Then I realised

Ah, I got hit by a truck

My eyelids grew heavier, my consciousness was fading. I knew that I was dying but I wasn't afraid.

Well, this is the end of the line for me

And from there, I succumbed

I was thinking back about my past memories. They were all filled with sadness. I did not enjoy living.

I was abandoned by my parents and was raised by an old guy. He took care of me until he died when I was 14 years old. Starting that day, I lived alone. Because of my poor social skills, I avoided talking to people. It made me a loner.

So that's the reason why I always kept my hood on. I didn't want to socialize...Ah, why is the afterlife so dark

I was surrounded by darkness

But then, a few moments later I felt my body getting warmer. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. It was blinding but my instincts told me that I should follow it. I agreed with my instincts. I moved closer and closer until it looked like I was able to grab it. I reached for it and the light continued to grow brighter.

The light is so warm

Few seconds later

Ugh, why is it so cold? And it feels like I'm soaking wet. What's this, is it raining?

I noticed that all of my senses were back. I was so confused, and it felt like I was alive again.

"Oh my, what a terrible accident" said an unknown person

Who's that? Wait, why can't I speak?

My sight suddenly got clearer, but then I was shocked. I was in an unknown place

Where am I? Why are there so many trees?

"You poor thing, you must have been cold all this time" said a man wearing a weird clothing while looking down at me

Who are you?

And as I was about to reach him, I noticed that my fingers were really small. Not only that, even my body was so small. Then I realised...

Wait, I'm a baby!? How did this happen!? I was supposed to be dead!?

"Don't worry young one, I will be the one to take care of you" said the man with his kind smile

What just...happened?

"Let me introduce myself to you young one, I'm Clay and from now on, I shall be your father." he said to me

This was unexpected

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