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The names of the characters, places, events and other things contained in this story are only fictional. Any association with other stories is unintentional or coincidental.

Luis POV.

"Are you leaving? Where are you going? You said you wouldn't leave me". cry cry I said.

"Yes" once hugged me.

"When are you coming back?" I didn't realize that tears were already dripping from one of my eyes.

"Lui as long as you always remember you're the only one I love ha" he removed his hug from me and kissed my forehead.

Then he got in their car and left. I was left with only crying and wailing.



I woke up to the power of my alarm clock I immediately turned it off. I thought, a long time ago when I last dreamed that, the events of the day Miguel left and lived in America are still fresh in my mind. I no longer expected him to come back, that he would come back to me. Maybe he has a new bespren now.

I looked at my phone .....

"Shit, it's already 7:30 am and then I'll come in at 8:00 am"

I easily went into the cr brushed and dressed I plan to go to school to eat.

then I took my car keys, I'm also in 4th year high school so I can have a car. I just slept so I didn't want to be disturbed in my studies. My parents agreed because I could handle things.

I got to school in about 10 minutes. When I got out of the car, the women and gay barbies stared at me, I'm used to it because that's how they always treat me.

: is Luis your transferee?

: bakita ko 3 consecutive years hinawakan na ang pagkapanalo as Mr. Saint Luis Academy.

Are you surprised that my name is the said school. My parents don't own it. I moved to schools there because I didn't want to be considered a prince, and I didn't want my mom to cheat on the pageant because she was one of the judges.

: Oo sya yon.

: ampogi.

: type nya kaya ako sa tingin mo friend?

: ako ang mas bagay sakanya noh.

: kapal ml naman besh!

Those are just some of the things I heard just now, I don't know them.

I immediately looked for my bestfriend Erick but I couldn't find him.

Someone suddenly hugged me, I was ready to punch him in the face because I could reach him.

"hey, just calm down Luis I'm Erick" he covered his face at the same time.

Erick, who turned out to be my bestfriend since 1st year high, was the only one who took my habit.

"Did Luis eat you?" He asked patiently

"Yes" I lied to him once my eyes wandered across the school.

"I know it's not like in your school but it's also good here" he smiled at me.

I stared at him in response. We walked to the room. I knew we were going to be in the same class. Erick made sure we were in the same class since his parents are the owners of this school. Welmar Academy is one with good facilitylies.

When we can enter the room.

"Luis dto tabi tayo" with a crazy smile.

Erick is also handsome. He has red lips, black hair, brown eyes and we are 5'11 tall.

"ah sge" my bag dropped at the same time.

"you still won't change bestfriend you're still rude" he gave me his killer smile even though his fatigue didn't affect me.

Suddenly our classmates looked at us wondering maybe they were Erick's bat bestfriend calling me. And some even murmured.

: is it true that I heard cute prince say

: oo mag bestfriend sila

: sabagay mga mayayaman

Erick and I even heard a whisper.

Suddenly the Principal came inside.

"Where's Mr. Lim"

"Here ma'am" Erick pointed at me.

"Thanks Mr. Welmar"

"Mr. Lim come here follow me"

I followed up to the faculty Office before we got inside ..

"Mr. Lim big thing you're here to move to our school"

I only nodded but I stared at him.

"The news is true, I like your attitude brave" I smiled at the same time and I was embarrassed.

When we entered the faculty room, he introduced me to someone.

"Ms. Catherine here's Mr. Lim the new salta here. You take care of her"

Ms. Nakipagkapamay sakin. Catherine.

"Nice to meet you" he held out his hand to me.

"Nice to meet you too, ma'am" when I held her hand she blushed. Bati ba namam teacher hayss.

"treat me like an ordinary person ma'am"

And suddenly the Principal replied.

"sure" .....

When he returned to the room at the same time, Ms. Catherine. But before entering I first stayed outside the door.

"Goodmoring class before we start we have a new exchange student today"

"Come in Mr. Lim, then introduce yiur self" ngiting sabibnya sakin

And I went inside.

"Hi, I'm Luis Lim"

: it's true the news here he moved.

: swerte ampogi nya.

: aakitin ko sya.

I was surprised at what was said was surprised by what he said and I gave the lazy gay a smile that I didn't expect. Napatulala nalanh sya hH.

And I sat down next to Erick.

"Erick, you're sweating there" I asked him.

"no, all the people's attention is already there, what about me" I looked back at the same time

"Crazy" I replied.

"Yes you're crazy"



But I heard that. Does he already know what I am. Hayss is dangerous.

And our teacher taught that I didn't understand anything, maybe I'm changing now. I just ignored it.

After that amg 1st sub. I invited erick to eat.

"Erick, let's go to the canteen, I'm hungry" he patted her on the shoulder.


"what !?" My voice grew louder so we all looked at each other. Only now did I notice that we were all paying attention.

"I mean I don't want to be alone, I'm just waiting for you" he smiled at me which changed my mood.

When we left the room, the students looked at Erick. Of course their school is what it is.

Maybe he noticed that I was thinking something, so he suddenly put his arm around me

"What is my bestfriend thinking?"

I looked at his hand that was holding me, I was a little shaken but I didn't notice.

"It's not just hunger"

When we entered the canteen, someone stopped us and Erick

"Mr. Prince accept this"

Erick accepted.

And there is another

And there was even another who gave, I just ignored those who gave to him.

I was about to sit in a chair when someone suddenly blocked my seat, right in front of me.

I think he's so beautiful, the boss's face. I'm feeling like it.

"I hope you accept this Mr. Lim, I just gave you a welcoming gift" the woman still bowed.

I lifted his head to look at his face. She's so cute.

"thank you" I took it and gave a smile that I had never shown anyone.

People shouted in the canteen.

: ambait nya.

: kala ko ba masungit yan

: I'll give it to you tomorrow.

: amh swerte naman nya

sabay takip sa mukha nya

"I hope we're still close Mr. Lim"

"Yeah" once the woman left in front of me

When I sat down erick frowned next to me.

"Oh, are you in a different mood?" I asked her.

"no, I'm hungry, that woman will probably leave"

wait is he jealous. I'm not sure I know Erick is a straight woman so that's why.

We ordered food, and started eating.

"Luis did you like it?"

" which?" my astonishment question.

"The food"

" Of course"

"I know you're good at puds" he teased

“BALIW” where I say.

We also finished eating and returned immediately to the room.

When we entered we sat down.

Suddenly the President of the room Justine stood up.

"Luis right?" taning nya sakin

"Yes," he said.

"Since there's no school, let's do fast talk" my classmates will survive.

"game?" I wonder

Suddenly, our Vice Pres, Samantha, replied that I didn't know them yet.

"Mr. Lim, since your first day here, we only have a few questions about you" he smiled at me.

"Hey, Luis is different from everyone okay" don't he "Erici scolded them.

"If it's okay for him, why not?" Anna adds to them. i think Secretary ata sy dto sa room.

"It's okay Erick, I can manage this" I smile in response.

"but ....!" I didn't let him finish speaking and I stood in front.

"Game" when I get to the front.

"Let start"

They sat down in front.

Justine, Samantha, Anna. That's how they arranged.

They started asking questions ...


“Bodybpreference, fat toned?

"Toned abs"

Justine smiled.


"T-shirt or sanso?"



"boxer or brief"

Everyone was surprised by the question, including Erick, I saw his expression.



"sex or chocolate?

: woaaaahhhhhhhh "everyone was surprised by the question


Erick sighed

Everyone was surprised by my answer.


"lights on, lights off?

"dim light"

Hahaha I laughed at the same time


"We exchanged on the other campus, Are you Gay"

I was surprised by his question, my tongue twitched ....

about 2mins. I could not speak.

"I'm not"

I said boldly.


"that's enough"


Justine's stop. He must have noticed that I was already counting on their questions.

My day ended still thinking about their questions.

"Luis what are you thinking?" he asked calmly

"Maybe it's just tired"

I went home immediately after class, I didn't say goodbye to Erick, he was used to me disappearing suddenly.

When I got home I thought about what had happened, my whole day.

I lay down on the bed

"Lui you're tight" he said to me

“Why” I wonder

"As long as you're close"

"All right" and I turned a blind eye.

He kissed me on the lips and opened my eyes, I stared at him while he did that and he closed his eyes while our lips touched ..

"Luis, Luis, Luis are you there" he called me.

I woke up suddenly to the strength of Erick's voice. I dreamed of Miguel again.

He stood up and opened the door. Somiya smiled when I opened the door.

"Oh bat you brought food" I asked her.

"I know you haven't eaten yet, I'm lazy at home so I thought of visiting you here."

" come in"

He put the food on my study table. And sit on my bed.

"Feel at home" I said.

"You're not used to me yet" he smiled.

"Let's eat what you brought"

While we were eating, I noticed that he was staring at me.

"Oh why are you staring" I asked in surprise.

"You're cute when you eat" smile is crazy


" Yes"

"tssk, I've known that for a long time haahahah" he laughed at the same time.

After we ate Erick put away the jolibee backet we had eaten. Then don put in the trash outside.

When he came in, I was just boxing because I was already hot.

"You didn't say you wanted to" he was about to take off his shirt, I can see the garter of his briefs.

"Are you crazy ?, I'm just hot so I undressed" I shouted at him

"Is that so" he said jokingly.

"I'll just take a bath there" I took the towel and went straight to the bathroom.

After I took a bath, he was no longer in my room. Someone saw a letter and ..

"Luis, I have diarrhea because I have diarrhea, I can't hurry you to take a bath. I don't want you to be afraid to take care of your skin hahaha" and I saw a [:

] smiley.

"It's really crazy anytime"

I was about to go out to dispose of the garbage but I noticed that the garbage bag was no longer there.

"Erick threw it again"

It's always like that, even in my other dorm when he comes, he always takes my garbage with him when he comes home.

I smile when he does that to me.

When I re -entered the room, I lay down on my bed and covered myself with a blanket.

I also undressed my bfrief because I don't want anything to interfere with my sleep. How much sleep do I want without a blanket.

Erick's POV

I felt strange in my body, I had diarrhea haha. While Luis was taking a bath, I went home, I couldn't stand my shit anymore hehe. I left a letter with him not wanting to disturb him in his shower.

When I came out of his dorm, I took the garbage bag out of the trash can to throw it away. I didn't want to bother him so I voluntarily threw it away.

When I got home I went straight to my dorm and took a half bath. not halfbath can be called don case only the head is not wet so 75% bath amg I call don haha.

I lay down on the bed and suddenly I remembered ..

"Are you leaving? Where are you going? You said you wouldn't leave me". cry cry he said.

"Yes" he hugged Luis once

"When are you coming back?" And suddenly her tears dripped from her other eye.

"Lui as long as you always remember you're the only one I love ha" he removed the hug and kissed Luis' forehead

Then the child got in their car and left. Luis was left with only crying and mourning ........

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