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"Sis, do you have class again today?" I turned to my sistet lying in the hospital bed. I smiled and i sat down next to her.

"Later, are you in pain?" I asked her and patted her head, she shook her head and frowned. “Why? Will you miss your sister? ”

“Yes, you are always busy. But it's ok because it's for me. ” I smiled at what my sister said and squeezed her cheek. I’m glad she understands me.

"Berry, are you kind here?" I gave a weak reminder to her. She nodded and smiled.

I’m Maple Quinn Tempest, people call me Apple. I also prefer my first name than my second name. I have a short hair with a bangs, my eyes are dull gray and have a thin lips. I’m 18 years old and currently multi-tasking for my sister.

"Yes." Raspbell Tempest, my little sister and my only family she’s also called as Berry. She has been sick since birth, I don’t know where my family is as long as I know they abandoned us.

I don’t really care what has happened to them, all I want is my sister to be cured. I sighed and stood up. I’m meeting Phee right now. Where is that again? I picked up my phone and contacted him.

"Hellooo dear apple." He greeted me warmly.

Ophelia Dallas, also known as Phee. She helps me when I need something, basically my best friend. Case I'm embarrassed to ask for help from her because she really did a lot for us.

She has some colorful long hair, brown eyes, childish and noisy. Sometimes conyo because she grew up in a place. I don't know when we became friends for a long time. Her hair hurts my eyes too.

"Where's the café you're talking about again?" I asked him, he said he had an offer for me.

“Ooooh the one near your school! You know you should take it- “

“I will listen first. It might be like the last time I almost died because of your offer. ” I frowned and said, I could hear her laughter on the other line.

“You know apples, your old work is not bad. You just hate taking care of dogs, they are so cute. Why don't you die? but you will die of misery nilaaaa ~ ”–Phee.

“They have rabies, I’m sure some people died because of that. And what's cute ?! They’re monsters. ” I complained to Phee. His laughter grew louder.

Dogs are like the worst pets I could handle, I just remembered when I was a kid that they chased me. I hate dogs, even if you say they are cute, I would gladly run away when I saw something.

“Oh by the way, have you seen the vampire princes lately? I’m sure they are all over the city. ” my eyebrows were raised because of what I heard. Vampires again? Prince… we are here in the modern era but there is still a prince of vampires. Psh.

“I’ll hang up. I'm going to the café. ” I lazily said to her. I’m not interested in vampires.

"Sure Apple dear, Hello." He said goodbye and the call ended. I just looked at the sky, the beautiful weather. I looked around and saw a bunch of people walking, a lot of vampires.

In this world, people accept vampires, they are dangerous not gonna lie but there is a law that prevents them from killing or drinking blood without permission. Not only vampires are accepted by humans, but also werewolves and some other unnatural.

As long as they don’t break the law, people have no problem. But that makes us normal humans the bottom of the food chain, vampires are at the top. The most dangerous unnatural in this world, sometimes when I walk. The looks of the vampires are just scary, there are others unnatural but everyone is afraid of vampires.

I mean, who isn't afraid of red eyes and long fangs? Imagining them drinking blood would give me the chills. I just walked with my head down.

“My dear Apple ~” Phee hugged me when she saw me in front of the café. "I'm sure you'll love your new job, don't you like fighting and stuffs too?"

"Ophelia, is that your conyo?" Laughing I said to him, trying to avoid the fighting topic.

“Ew please don't call me Ophelia. It sounded like an old lady. ” I laughed even harder when he frowned. “So wanna hear the offer? Let's sit down first. Waiter! ”

Phee already ordered, he said it was free so… I didn't refuse. What a waste of grace, but he ordered too much. Phee’s a picky eater, and I don’t eat much. What is this for?

“So apples, here’s the offer. All you have to do is to escort him, you have a salary and you’ll attend his school to escort him. Don’t worry, they are all free to pay the tuition and all of you. As long as you escort him. ” sounds like a good offer to me, I bit the burger and chewed. "Oh and he's a vampire."

"PFFTTT- what?" I almost choked because I heard a suggestion from my friend. “Me? Be a bodyguard to a vampire? ”

"Escort that." I rolled my eyes when she corrected me, art can only be a bodyguard. Even calling a bodyguard needs to be social, vampires are.

Is he kidding? Me? Serving a vampire? “They are strong ah? Do we need a bodyguard? ”

“He is different, you know that? He… needs protection from someone! It's up to them to explain. ” Annoyed she says, psh. “Apple, you also need money for your sister. You know martial arts or defense, this job is perfect for you. ”

I was frustrated, I shouldn't have said I knew how to kill. I've been looking for a job before, it's a difficult case because I'm still a student. I need money for my little sister, I have no choice.

“Fine. I’ll guard I mean scort this vampire… whatsoever. ” Phee's face suddenly lit up. Why does he seem to have fun? what's up with that vampire?

“Yesss! He will meet you today! He is coming! ” I was surprised by his answer. TODAY ?! IMMEDIATELY?! WHAT- “He’s hereeee ~”

She immediately pulled me upright, I saw a black haired guy arriving in front of the café, I just couldn't see the color of his eyes. Ok, is he really that rich or something ?! Wait, is the limousine he rode in ?! WAIT SHIT! I'M NOT READY YET! I'M UGLY-

"Wait, I'm not ready yet-"

I could hardly breathe when he started approaching us, he had companions. His bodyguards are supposed to be in a suit and tie, confirmed. Rich old vampire.

“Hello coz! Meet my best friend, Maple Quinn! She's what I'm telling you, she knows how to fight even if she's a woman. ” Phee greets the man happily, he is handsome! But wait, coz? Like cousins? PHEE’S NOT EVEN A VAMPIRE!

He coldly glanced at me so I bowed, he doesn’t have red eyes. Weird, I thought all vampires had red eyes, don’t tell me-

“Apple, meet Killian Clyde Leopold! My cousin and also the vampire prince. ” I immediately looked at Phee, excuse me? Did I hear it right ?! Vampire Prince?

"Hello." He said briefly so I glanced at him. “Is she the one that will escort me at school? But she’s human. ”

He’s beautiful, his eyes are beautiful even if it’s not red. Is he really a vampire? He has teal blue eyes, black hair, natural lips, pale skin and pointy nose. He looks like a character in a fictional book, that's why his eyes are cold. Not to mention, he’s tall and bulky.

Does it need an escort? It seems he even stronger to me.

“You know you're shit, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s good at guarding. Aunt will kill me if I haven't seen your personal escort yet. And school will start in a week, I’ll give you free human food if you accept my offer. ” free human- what?

Vampires can’t taste human foods, unless he’s incomplete…

So did Phee buy a lot of food? Wait, I didn’t agree to escort this vampire prince?! Phee just told me to escort a vampire! Not a freaking vampire prince-

“Fine, I’ll accept the proposal. Bring that food to the mansion. Older brother will meet me today. ” Phee smiled at him and slapped the vampire hard on the side. Eek- isn't he afraid that he hit a vampire?! "It is now your responsibility to take care of him. She’ll start when we attend school. ”

"Sureness!" That guy looked at me from head to toe, wait, did stare at me at my chest?!

"She has a big chest." He said softly and looked at Phee, Phee just smiled and gave a thumbs up. WHAT?

“I know right? She's beautiful and cute too ~ ”he nodded and turned around, I glared at Phee because of her comment. Did she just agree with that vampire. "See you next week."

To be continued

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