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There lived a a beautiful, elegant and sensible woman In a city whose life style was absolutely admired by a lot of people living within her locality. She was a professional teacher and always was very committed and dedicated bro her work.

She worked very hard to achieve great things in her life. She managed her things very well and was frightfully meticulous in every way or means of doing her sort of things. Her life style was well admired by a very rich man who also live in the city. He admired how she respected herself and her hard working attitude. In fact, little by little, this man was slowly falling for a lady that was absolutely a stranger to him .

Because this guy was very rich and a famous people, others too know him as a city boy, game boy and a man with no dignity. But to compare his ways of life living to the way the lady lived her life, was too far away for them to ever be together on this lifetime. As a rich and powerful man he never lack anything in his life. He had all the beautiful and expensive mansion to live in, all the expensive lustrous cars in the city and any other woman that he ever loved to have and fuck in his own way. He never wished to fall in love with any woman since he wanted not to be tamed down by one woman and always love to live a carefree life and there by date any kind of woman he preferred to be with and just fuck.

But he was very perplexed as to how he fell in love with a woman who lived a far distance from him by just admiring how she lives her life. One-day on his way to his big and most famous company, he saw this very beautiful woman walking along the road. She was in such a hurry to the school to teach her student. She didn't get a commercial bus to board early so she decided to walk along side of the road so as to not delay her time by waiting for a god damn commercial bus to arrived.

This rich man driving his own expensive car decided to park it in front of her and just talk to her but he changed his mind and decided to give her a lift first. But to his surprised,this woman rejected his proposal and just walk away from him He was embarrass as to how other pedestrians were mocking and starring at him . In fact this is the first time a lady has ever rejected his proposal of offering her a lift in his own magnanimous and expensive car.

The rich man furiously get out of his car and followed her. The beautiful lady stopped walking and turn around when she heard the sound of a serious foot step approaching her. Unfortunate for her, the man was already standing behind him in which they were both in a state of trance. In fact to the rech man, she was the most beautiful woman he has ever set his eyes on in this whole universe. Her perfect face her boobs and even her skin color almost made him watered his mouth. Her eyes shone as the only light of the world. Still sexy and beautiful as he watched her closely. This beautiful woman too was thinking that this man is the most handsome man she has ever set her eyes on in this world. His perfect muscular body showing through his expensive clothing's make her eager to make a home within his broad and perfect chest .

This man grabbed her arm and pulled her as she was still in her state of trance. She screamed a little and then decided to take her arms out from this rich man hand. He furiously asked her that, "why did you ignored me and make me be the laughing stock in town when I called you and asked you for a ride in my own personal and expensive car" ?

She boldly replied by saying that, " what kind of man with dignity will ever hold the arms of an innocent woman furiously and hardly because she rejected his offer" ? The man replied by saying that,"what kind of living being will ever go against my words and statement when I demand or even ask him or her a question" ? And you whether you like it or not you are following me today and you will surely be in my car. Pulling her hardly along she also bit his arm hardly and kick him between his legs and actually took to her heels without knowing her location or even where she was heading to.

The man became furious and move towards his car with a flint pain within his body. This woman is very stubborn and smart is what he said when he was getting inside his car. He then promise to teach her a lesson in the future. He drove off and he left to his company since he couldn't find her anywhere.

This beautiful woman was panting very much with her hands beneath and also resting on her knees. She looked around and absolutely got the notice that she was lost. She went closer to a certain woman and asked her of the direction to the main road as there was no network there. The old woman helped her and she went to the main road side to get a cab to the school place. When she reached there, they gave her a letter and told her that she has been fired by the school authority. She cried and told them that, " she hasn't wrong anybody in the school so why are they treating her as if she has never done anything good about her job"?

They took her to the office and asked her whether she has wrong any other powerful man in the city . She said she only defended herself and never wrong any powerful and rich man. They told her to go home for now

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