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  India comes second in world for population. But we are talking about 1968 that time also India contain population.

  There was one family. In that family husband and wife were living with their parents. After many years to the marriage the couple did not have any child. After a year they became parents. The whole family was taking care of that baby. One day baby was sleeping in an empty room. That child father was gone to job. His mother and grandmother was cocking food in kitchen. His grandfather was listening radio. In radio today’s topic was Death day. The radio presenter was saying that today date 16\6\1968 is Death day because from last five years in this date five thousand children’s were dying no one knows reason for this death so the Government considered this date to a Death day.

  Grandfather of that child listen this and came in tension and run towards that child who was sleeping in empty room. Grandfather found that child is dead. Whole family become’s sad because they had child after many years and they lost it.

  YEAR 1970

  There was family living in Gujarat. In that family there was one man named Raj. Raj father, his sister Nina and his mother who died from certain disease these member’s were living in his family.

  Raj was searching Government job. One day Raj got the job of post office. He was going in job regularly. One day Raj and his friends were doing morning walk. After doing morning walk they were going in home. In their route there was one tent. From that tent one boy ran out that boy was crying, after that boy’s father came out from that tent and given two slaps to that boy after looking this Raj became angry and asked to that man that why he slap to that boy. That man replied that because he had broken my wine bottles. After listening this Raj became more angry and beat slap to that man and said that because of your wine bottle you will beat your boy.

  After Raj and his friends were went to home.

  One day Raj was standing with his neighbor. His neighbor was standing with his boy. They were talking about marketing shares. After Raj taken that boy and started playing with that boy the boy started crying immediately then raj gave boy to boy’s father than that boy suddenly stop crying. After looking this Raj feel this different so he once again taken that boy that boy was not moving not crying so Raj checked that boy’s hearth beat. The heartbeat of that boy was not working so Raj suddenly taken that boy to hospital.

  After doing all check up Doctor replied that this boy is dead. That boy’s father heard this and become sad and started crying.

  When Raj was leaving hospital his eyes were moved on calendar the date was 16/6/1971 that means it was Death day.

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