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  I was watching him watch me from across the courtyard while I Huddled with my separate group of friends..We had just broken up for the 5th time in the last 4 months, senior year has been a mess. I couldn’t get around why we always tried to get back into the others arms... we were clearly not meant to be together.

  He came from a wealthy family, destined for ultimate success and was devastatingly handsome, best quarterback in the area, charming. Standing at 6 feet tall with black shaggy hair, green eyes and a flattering light complexion Emeric was way out of my league... always has been. He was muscular with the smoothest low voice meanwhile here I was.

  My Family was of the middle class status, I was destined to be a manager at some supermarket.. I thought of myself as Cute enough. 5’3 with waist long wavy dark brown hair, amber eyes, light tan complexion, thick athletic build.. known for my “nerdy” habits such as prioritizing my homework, reading, watching my Anime, drawing and keeping to myself.

  We stared at each other for some time. My stomach was in knots and my breathing was shallow... I was angry but also admittedly jealous of the girl who stood next to him finding every reason to playfully slap his arm and giggle.

  Amber. She’s always had a thing for him.

  Who hasn’t? I thought to myself.

  She was just the only one that could get to him it seemed... was she why he acts so weird sometimes? Why he’s been acting weird lately?

  The thought made me blow a huff of air through my nose.

  He flexed his jawline and looked like he was about to make a move but the bell rang signaling that lunch was over causing him to break the stare. He looked at amber and bent to whisper something in her ear, with a big ol smile she nodded and they started to walk the other freakin way.

  Was I shocked that he was probably planning on getting an easy lay? Actually.... not really.

  I put my attention back to my friends.. my closest ones Matthew and Becca were staring at me questionably before giving me an assuring smile that said “it’s ok”. I looked at the ground, looked back up and shook my head.

  I had to get to class. Fuck him.


  Finally. It was 3:15 and time to go home.

  I barely got through the rest of the day. Ugh I was just so annoyed that he would leave with her while I was standing there. He knew I was watching. This... THIS was a reason I had to call it quits.

  He said he cared but in all the time we’ve dated.. those magical words never passed his lips.

  It’s a strange thing to have a electric connection with someone you’ve never been in bed with.. even stranger a on and off again relationship without feeling something deeper than “caring” what’s even the point of being together if you don’t plan on a future and... commitment.

  I loved him.. I never said it out loud but damnit I did.. so much. I looked at the sky and realized It looked like it was going to rain. So I shifted thoughts and picked up my pace.

  As I walked to my car I noticed someone leaning on it.

  It was Emeric. Of all hells why this one?

  He was conveniently leaning on my car door. I reached my car and tried to look everywhere but him.

  “Can you please get off of my car? I would like to go home” I said.

  He opened his mouth but decided to just smile and shake his head as an answer.

  I stood there, feeling the mood get awkward I shifted my weight from foot to foot, finally I turned my back to him. Oh well.

  Clearing his throat and moving his face in front of whichever direction my head went I finally caved and looked at him.

  Satisfied, he smirked.

  “What the hell do you want? Where’s little Amber Doll? I figured you’d have gone home with her after lunch. Did you get your dick wet like you always do during our breaks?”

  His eyes darkened.

  “You know, I can’t say I like being accused of something and by my EX girlfriend of all people. I came in peace, I only wanted to talk to you Sarina.”

  “Talk? You want to try to talk? If I recall correctly when I broke up with you, you said to never talk to you again, that you couldn’t figure out why you wanted me in the first place you know since I wOnT gIvE yOu AnY.”

  I exaggerated.

  “Please just move. It’s over. We’re done. You don’t want me for me... I’m probably some bet you and your friends made... get the nerdy girl to fall for you.” I said the words as my heart sunk and my eyes pricked with tears.

  He tried to grab my hand but I pulled away from him.

  “Can we just please let this go. I saw you. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of staying true to you no matter what spot were in but watch you run off with amber when shit gets bad. I’m tired of hearing from her friends that y’all are a thing and I was the filler” I paused, there was silence between us, I spoke again. “we graduate next month. Our plans are different so I shouldn’t see you after that. You’re disgusting and I want you to stay far away from me!”

  I met his eyes then. Saw the anger that filled them.

  He closed the few feet between us until my back was against my car and his face was inches from mine his hands in either side of my head.

  “Fine Sarina, I do fuck around with Amber. She gives me what you refuse to, you don’t want to see me again? Fucking fine! I’ve known you since we were in grade school and you think I don’t give a fuck about you. You think you’re a bet? Damnit girl!

  You know what... fine. You are. I came to tell you that I won. I got my money. Bets over and like you said so are we.”

  He stared at my watery eyes and for a second I saw sympathy flash through his green eyes before turning hard again.

  He pushed off my car and began to stalk away.

  I immediately got in my car and put my head in my hands. I felt like my heart had shattered.

  After a few long minutes I regained my composure enough to drive and I looked for him but of course he was gone.

  I made a promise. A promise to myself. I would forget Emeric Richardson and move on. Make my parents proud, make myself proud. Be beautiful and sexy.. everything I didn’t think I was. I wasn’t going to see him ever again after graduation.. I could make it through the last month and then... and then I can start my life.

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