How to Find the Best Online Writing Platform for Your Brilliant Novels

Nowadays, with everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, it is witnessed that we use these easy-to-carry smartphones to load incredible stories of love, fantasy, mystery, and more. It has never been easier to take out our phones while commuting to work and enjoying the latest novel by our favorite writer.

That is why so many online writing platforms are popping up everywhere. Writers flock to the online writing platform to create different types of fictions for readers to enjoy anytime and anywhere. The only problem is how to sift through the many options to find an online writing platform that offers numerous benefits for writers. Thus, for writers who want to showcase your talents in writing, here is a quick guide to help you discover your trustworthy online writing platform.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Online Writing Platform

If you are hoping to exercise your skills and publish your stories of passion, you need to work with an online writing platform that offers the reward to writers and access to readers from all over the world. Thus, you should consider the following essential points for choosing the best online writing platform.

1.Positive Reviews

Does the online writing platform have positive reviews itself? If an online writing platform is appreciated by readers and writers, it will attract more people to join the platform. Not only should you check readers' responses, but the platform itself should also be highly ranked as a valuable space where writers can post their creations without fear of being censored. 

NovelCat is an online reading and writing website with tremendous compliments and is favored by people worldwide. You will get the chance to publish your work on it with the potential for success.

2.Transparent Writers Benefits

It is an unfortunate reality that many online writing platforms take advantage of creators and want to squeeze every bit of revenue out. However, as a writer, you should choose a reliable online writing platform that can offer transparent writers benefits rather than cooperating with a crooked platform that tries to take all the credit and earnings from your hard work.

NovelCat has a completely transparent benefit system that clearly demonstrates how you can earn money by writing fictions online . In addition, we want you to feel at ease while posting your work because we love helping writers display their capabilities and talents. 

3.Certain Guidance for Writers

Writers who are new to the world of writing may be nervous about how to get certain technical instruction to grow their capabilities in writing. NovelCat offers a tiered system that includes providing one-on-one editor's guidance to assist you in achieving professional writing abilities and getting polish instructions. 

Getting Started with NovelCat to Enjoy Your Writing Journey

Using a reliable online writing platform like NovelCat is an excellent way to start your career as a published writer. We are a leading e-book online writing platform with high-ranking mobile applications available on both Android and iOS. You can get access to our more than 10 million users from more than 200 countries and regions.

Our new writer's contract process is easy to get started with, so you know exactly where you stand and how to reach higher levels with better rewards. We do our best to make things as transparent as possible because we know how hard you work to tell captivating stories that our readers love to enjoy. To get started with NovelCat, visit and create an account. Join us today and show the world your incredible talent that has been trying to get out for years!

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