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The data which GFK reported in 2017 showed that 30% of the international online population read fiction "every day or most of the day." Meanwhile, if the segment was widened to contain both daily readers and those who read fiction "at least once a week," the data rose to 59% of the international online population. 

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Reading fiction online plays a vital role in people's daily life, and there are types of fiction genres for readers to choose from, such as fantasy, thriller, romance, young adult, sci-fi, and others. If you are new to fiction reading, it is tricky for you to choose a genre to start. However, fantasy novels are exciting to read, especially for new readers.

Due to the growing popularity of werewolves in TV shows, the status of werewolf books and other fantasy novels, in general, has grown tremendously over the last decade. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of werewolf novels with different storylines to choose from. These stories can have a romance, horror, or young adult theme depending on the author.

In order to help you form a comprehensive understanding of werewolf novels, we will discuss what werewolf novels are and why people love them so much. We'll also recommend the best werewolf books for you to read. Scroll down to get something more.

What are Werewolf Novels?

Werewolf stories are arguably one of the popular fantasy sub-genres nowadays, and they draw from ancient folklore that involves shape-shifting humans. A variety of werewolf novels typically have humans who can change into wolves. While some include the characters' shape-shifting on a whim, other stories have them changing only during the full moon. 

Werewolf romance books, which you can find on online reading platforms, have popular werewolf themes that involve members of the pack (typically the alpha or beta) falling in love or finding their mate. On the other hand, some werewolf novels have aspects of the story involving the werewolves fighting with vampires or other mythical creatures. 

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Why People Love to Read Werewolf Novels

There are numerous reasons why readers love werewolf novels, and outlined below are a few of them.

1.Werewolf Novels Feature Fated Mates

Most werewolf novels have a pattern that features fated mates, where two werewolves are destined to be mates even before they are born. Some werewolves have human mates in some other stories, but it all depends on the author. These stories typically involve the alpha, beta, or any other werewolf pack member finding their mate and then convincing the mate that they are destined together. In addition, most of these stories are usually filled with suspense and romance, which is why it is such a popular genre.

2.Werewolf Novels Have Suspense Factors

Just as we mentioned earlier, werewolf books have suspense factors that are displayed in various ways. For example, in some stories, the theme involves the fated mate of the werewolf refusing the mating pull, while in others, they are fighting a war. Werewolf novels usually bring readers into the world it is describing because they are exciting and suspense-filled. 

3.Members in Werewolf Novels Have Their Features

Most werewolf books have a structured hierarchy of members like the Alpha, Luna, beta, omega, etc. Each member has distinct features in the story, and all of their features add fullness to the story. Moreover, you can find werewolf stories with any hierarchy member as the main character.

The Best Werewolf Novel Recommendation

There are different werewolf stories available online, and it can be quite challenging to figure out where to start from. However, you can start with this fun and suspenseful novel called Submitting to My Mate, which you can find on a famous online reading platform, NovelCat. The following is the synopsis for this werewolf novel:

Riven Adams is strong-minded, confident, loving, and fierce, everything a Luna should be. Zaden King is strong, dangerous, and ruthless, everything an Alpha should be. The two were destined to be mates, but Riven would not make it easy for Zaden.

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