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  Inner self

  Brandon Okamara and Gavin Oshima were sixteen and eighteen, they seemed like opposites socially but had the same humor. Brandon seemed to always be surrounded by friends while Gavin barely had any, but they remained friends. It was the last day of their junior year, Brandon wanted to skip but his friend convinced him to go.

  "Can't believe you're making me go on the last day, what is the point, we're not getting taught and all grades are already in" Gavin rolled his eyes,

  "don't be A baby, it's not hard to survive one last day of school" They got off the bus walking to breakfast, Brandon joined his friends while Gavin sat in his first period waiting for the class to start. Just before any other students walked in, the teen noticed A strange book laying on A desk just A few feet away from him. He picked it up and the book was called : "Evocatis Alias Sui"  He looked it up...

  "Summon outra self" it said on his search results.

  "Strange, but at the same time fascinating" The teen put the book in his bag and waited until he got home to go over the book.

  He read through its table of contents :

  CHAPTER 1...Focusing

  CHAPTER 2...Abilities

  CHAPTER 3...Summoning

  CHAPTER 4...Using without focus

  CHAPTER 5...Strengthen your Outra

  CHAPTER 6...Outra while unconscious

  He spent hours reading through chapter one,

  “seems this book is talking about people’s inner self, that they are capable of being summoned to the physical world with abilities specific to the personality of the user. Gavin read through the focusing and summoning section… Hmm, so if I call to it…and focus its power, it will come to this world where I can see it, also use their abilities” While Brandon was texting his friends, Gavin was almost finished with the book. It's been A month since summer began. He put A bookmark on the last page before closing it. The teen stood still, he focused as hard as he could but nothing happened.

  "Why isn't it working!?" The boy complained, "it said I had to focus my inner self...one last try" Gavin decided to focus calmly instead of putting too much effort into it. Just then an aura of many colors appeared around the boy's body, A smile grew on his face as he noticed his progress. But out of nowhere Gavin fell to his knees out of breath.

  "Forgot, in chapter one the book said that new users can be easily drained by their Outra" The weakened boy also saw that his aura had disappeared as well. Taking A break, Gavin went downstairs to see Brandon eating nachos watching A movie.

  "What's with you?" the friend asked.

  "N-nothing, I just fell out of bed" Gavin responded. His friend stared at him for A second then went back to his movie.

  "Do you want something?" He asked just before getting up off the couch.

  "Sure, I'll take A bottle of water" Gavin nodded as he walked into the kitchen towards the fridge, for A moment he could feel A warm breeze go by him, but thought it was nothing. The boy handed his friend the water when he saw something in the mirror. For A split second the teen thought he saw A tall figure in armor.

  "I'm going to bed dude, see ya later" The boy laid there for A few minutes before he began to hear A voice,

  "I know you can hear me. Why avoid my forthcoming? I've always been there... Waiting for my powers to be needed" Gavin could feel something deep inside him, A feeling he had never felt before.

  "What are you?" the boy asked,

  "my boy, you should know...I am your Outra : Trimo"

  "If I summon you, can anyone else see you?"

  Trimo replied : "no, only other Outra users are capable of seeing me, or if you actually want them to see me" Gavin took A deep breath,

  “come Trimo” the boy announced. The aura returned and he saw A tall figure in armor, he also had A sword with flames radiating off it. The teen’s eyes widened at the sight of his Outra, it was seven feet tall, one foot taller than him.  He held his hand out to the figure, Trimo shook his hand looking at his user.

  “I shall return when you need me” With that, his Outra vanished. The boy fell on his bed quickly falling asleep…The next day Gavin awoke to Brandon reading the Outra book.

  “What are you doing?” he asked getting out of bed,

  “reading this book I found on your nightstand” The teen was A little unsure about his friend reading the book but he decided to forget about it.

  “I’m sure he won’t take that book seriously” During first period Gavin felt strange for A moment. He closed his eyes focusing  Trimo,

  “what’s happening, for some reason I feel strange inside”

  His Outra replied: “I think I know what’s happening, shall I go check the area?” The user nodded before Trimo left the classroom without anyone noticing that the door had opened and closed itself. Meanwhile the Outra was searching the school for the unknown source they had felt. Finally Trimo saw Brandon, and standing behind him…was an Outra! The tall warrior made his way back to his user then fazed back into the teen’s thoughts.

  “Seems our friend Brandon has achieved one as well” Gavin looked at the clock, class won’t end for another five minutes.

  “Crap, who knows what’ll happen If he figures out how to use his Outra” he thought to Trimo.

  “Yes that could be problematic for the school along with  other non-users. The bell rang, he ran out of the room towards the location where his Outra had found Brandon.

  “He’s gone, damn it” The teen couldn’t remember what his friend’s second period was.

  "Guess we'll just have to wait until after school or the next time he uses his inner-self" "Indeed" Trimo responded. So the boy waited the rest of the day to sense Brandon's Outra. During lunch he quickly ate his food then went to look for him,

  "go look for him" the user said in his mind, Trimo went in search for the possible threat, invisible to all the students. Meanwhile Gavin sat at A lunch table alone. Trimo quickly explored the school checking every possible classroom and area that the other user could be. Finally, Brandon was found in one of the buildings on the other side of the school.

  "Found you" the tall warrior said to himself. Oshima took off towards the building where he saw him talking to his Outra,

  "I would think with all your friends, you wouldn't need to chat with your Outra" His friend looked at the teen,

  "he's the only one I need" Gavin's eyes widened,

  "has he been taken over by his own Outra?" The teen noticed the book on the bed and went for it, Brandon's inner-self, A large four-armed monster threw A punch at him, the user's Outra appeared, blocking the attack with his sword blazing with fire. He got to the book and had the figure block his way to the dark-haired teen. Before Gavin could open the book, Trimo was struck in the gut causing the boy to lose his grip on the item.

  It went flying out the window landing in the street, before Gavin could go after it, Brandon's creature punched Trimo across the room out into the road as well. The novice user wasn't used to taking his Outra's damage, he collapsed onto the ground.

  "Damn, his Outra is completely out of control, and I don't have the book too fix whatever he's done to himself or his Outra" The powerful creature uppercut the weakened boy out of the house, causing him to land next to Trimo. Blood ran down the side of his face,

  "I wanted to help him, but if they won't listen...I'll have to keep them from fighting!" Both the user and his warrior stood up facing the monster's location,

  "I may be new at this, but I assure you I'll get A few good hits in" The seven-foot figure rushed towards them pulling out his strong blade. Brandon took A few steps back, yet his Outra stood its ground. The warrior swung his blade leaving A flesh wound in the creature's chest. The controlled boy let out A scream in pain falling to one knee with his hand on his wound.

  "So much pain from just one attack" he groaned as blood filled his shirt. Just then the monster vanished and Brandon laid there breathing heavily.

  "Trimo search for the book while I aid our foe" It nodded racing off to look for the book, Gavin wrapped Brandon's wound with cloth to stop the bleeding.

  Chapter 2 : Secret revealed, Outra expanding

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