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I just arrived to 12th grade. I just moved to a different school district in Seattle, WA. My stepdad is a principal. So I was forced to go to school her. I let my dad’s last name because I didn’t want everyone to know that I’m related to a principal…I’ll never get any friends.

A few days later my secret was out. He had a picture of the me and my family on his desk. No one would talk to me or sit with me at lunch. And for group projects they would keep me out, so I would do my own thing.

I failed a few subjects including the group projects. I explained that Jerry was a bad idea to be a principal that the same school I went to. All they could say “At least you can get into trouble, since no one will talk to you.” My mom said. I was so mad.

One weekend I stayed with an aunt who was witch. She taught me some spells to help me. We made some hex bags to put in their backpacks.

The next day a few of the students found them and said that I put drugs in their bags and I was caught playing with a ouji board…this is a Christian school drugs and “ witchcraft was an automatic expelling. Which was fine with me. I rather go to a new school. My mom was so made she shipped me off to a year-around boarding school in upper New York. That was fine with me I don’t have a principal for a stepdad and I might be able to find some friends.

I got to the school alone no one wanted to take me so they were forced to hire a taxi to bring me here. I put my duffle on my shoulder and grabbed my suitcase and hike up the wheelchair ramp. It was the middle of the first semester. I walk to the office to get my room and schedule. “Oh, Kauai


, do have a minute or two,” asked the secretary. I so I thought. He passed by then back puddled into the office. “Yes, Professor,” he said. “Can you be a tour guide for Kailani Walsh?” She asked, “What’s you next class? It might be awhile.” He coughed in his throat. “Yours, and thats my class,” he said. “ We’ll then I have to tell the professor to give you extra credit for your help,” she said. The both laughed and then went their separated ways with me in tow.

He should me the grounds where they play outside sports on nice days. He should me the stables And classrooms and where they have P.E when the weather is bad. He also showed me where we sit for meals and the dorms. My room was on the 7th floor room 720. The room had two beds, two desks and two dressers. Only one closet though. “ Your bed is by the window,” he said. “ Sounds good,“ I said. There was a window seat and the view is awesome. On side of the bay window was a lake where I can see people swim. The other side where the snow covered mountains. I didn’t want to leave but I also want to check out the stables.

By the time I got back downstairs classes were over. Some students went outside others went up stairs and others stayed indoors.

At least the stables were quiet and private. Only me and the horses were in here.

A black Friesian caught my eye. No Name on the stall. I laid my head on the window talking to the horse. “That’s Black Velvet,” said a voice behind me

“Kauai, you startled me.”

“I guess I did, I saw you jump.”

He stood next to me. He touched for the horse and she put her nose to his hand.

“She must really trust you.”

“I hope so. She’s mine. Do you ride?”

“I used too. I never I had a horse to myself. I rented from stables.”

He took her out. He groomed, and put a bridle on her. He help me get on her the he got on her. He gave me the reins. “Okay, go to the arena.” I walked her to the gate he leaned over to open in. He pushed me closer to him, the smell of his cologne hit my nostrils. It was either Wild Country or black Suede. Then we walked into the arena he leaned over to close it. We walked around it. When we get back to he gate he had me trot her then we cantered her as soon as we go to the gate again. I had so much fun I didn’t realized that their was an audience watch us. I felt really safe with him. I gulped. “Hey Kauai, when can I ride,” one person said. “Yeah when,” Another person said. I felt so I’m embarrassed with very everyone staring us.

In the barn, I sat on some hay while Kauai brushed her and cleaned her hooves than he put away. “Come with me,” he said. I’ve walked into tack room. He put the stuff he used away and grabbed a bucket filled with grains, apples and carrots with two sugar cubes on top. He grabbed part of the handle and I grabbed the other. We walked back to Black Velvet’s stall and placed the bucket on the wall. She didn’t hesitate she but her nose right in it. Then we left her alone.

The buzzer went off telling everyone it’s dinner time. I was the first one to sit at our table. Then two other boys sat down. We were almost finish until Kauai walked in tired looking and very sweaty. “What have been doing Kauai?” One of them asked. “ Hitting the punching bag,” he said. “ Who do you want to fight now,” the other one asked. “ No one, Billy. Just getting for the for the self defense class that’s coming up,” he said. He turned to me. “ This Charlie and that’s one Billy, their room is across from you,” he said. “Kauai, who is my roommate. I thought these tables went be room?” I asked. “I’ve asking Dean, the owner the house if I could have it. I don’t trust her.” He said. My room is the basement, I was hoping we could trade,” he said. “ If you trade then I would be in the basement, right?” I asked. He ignored the question.

After dinner everyone went to their rooms. I was in my room for about an hour with my nose in a book. Dean and Kauai walked in I stood up. “Okay, you two, Kauai is now you roommate. You stay on your side and Kailani you stay on your side. No funny business, you guys know what I mean. And share the closet, “ he said. “Don’t make me call you godfather, Kauai,” he said. Kauai nodded. Kauai smiled at me.

“We’ll you roommate is not coming back. Would you like to help me back up her stuff?” I got up and backed up the dresser and some of her posters.”

“What happened?”

“Not sure. All I know is she is coming not coming back to the school. She probably couldn’t keep up her grades.”

“ Why didn’t you trust her?”

“I can’t prove it, I’m sure she bought drugs and she hid alcohol.” I nodded, I said nothing else.

We put her boxes by the office, someone will pick them up. Someone put it t on the office for safe keeping. Then we walked back into the room. Kauai put his stuff away. A magazine fell and I pick up. It was an MMA. I glanced inside it and there was an article about Kauai Liang. “Kauai what’s you last name?” I asked. I looked at me. I was sitting Indian style on the middle of my bed. I opened the bedroom door. And the he laid short ways behind me. His long legs hanging off the bed. We put a blanket up on the wall to use as a changing room so we would have to change in front of each other.


“Your an MMA fighter?”

“Yes. That’s my last fight. I won with three broken ribs, two crack ones, and a slight concussion. If I didn’t stop I probably won’t live or I would be hurt so bad I could take care of myself. So I came back to finish my studies.”

We where about to kiss but we bumped heads…hard. Head held a heads. I got a headache after that. I went back to the window seat and started to read.

“Is that okay to call you Kai instead of Kailani?”

“I actually preferred to go by Kai.”

“Do we have any classes together? I want to at least know one person.”

“Let’s see.”

He sat back on my bed. “We have English and Science together. Lucky you you only have four classes,” he said. “Well is it’s the middle of the semester. Math I’m by myself and P.E.. I’m okay with the rest of my classes. Math is my worst subject,” I said, sighing. He smiled at me and moved a stray hair out of my face. “Im a tutor on my spare time. I can help with math and your other subjects. I’m in Advanced Program


Math,” he said.

“What cologne are you wearing, Wild Country or Black Suede?”

“Wild Country.”

“That’s my brother’s scent. I miss him. He died in Afghanistan. He was a Marine. We were very close. My parents divorce shortly after the funeral.”

“I’m so sorry. I’ll stop wearing it.”

“No, don’t, it brings good memories.”

He closed the bedroom door. I fought the tears.

“There’s a dance coming up. Would you like to be my date,” he said. “Yes, I would love to go with you,” I said, wiping some of the tears.

“Kai, are you okay?”

“Yes, you’re very nice to me. No one at my other school won’t talk to me. Or be part of the group projects.”

“What kind of school was it?”

“A private Christian school. My stepdad was the principal so no one would talk to me. Probably scared that I would tell him everything they are doing.”

“Figures. This place is probably better.”

“As long as my stepdad doesn’t work here.”

He smiled at me. I finished my book and he went to do his studies. It was past eleven when we went to bed.

The next day, my first class was math. I was so confused I just wrote the notes. Since it was a Friday, we don’t get homework. Everyone handed them their assignments in. “Is it okay to turn it in on Monday, I’m very confused?” I asked. Professor Warwick smiled. “It is very okay. You got here late in the semester,” he said. “ Great, I‘ll have Kauai help me,” I said. “ Very good student. I’m glad you know him,” he said.

My next class was English I sat next to Kauai. “I tried to save that seat for you,” he said.

“I have a math assessment, I hope you can help me with it?”

“It’s Friday, we don’t have homework on the weekends.”

“I was confused so I ask if I could turn it on Monday.”

“That’s makes sense now. Yes, would love to help you. After P.E. will go to the library.”

Science was very fun it was lab experiments. We walked out of the class, again no homework.

In English we wrote what ever subject we want to write about. We could use books, magazines or whatever we want. I looked at the magazines. The MMA magazine caught my eye. I glanced at it. It was the same one Kauai had. I wrote about the article that he was in.

After the class was over I handed it in. Everyone was talking about they wrote about. Even a girl asked me. I ignored her question I wanted to keep it secret.

P.E. was my last class. Kauai taught it. It was self- defense. He used me as a volunteer. Some of the girls were mad. They would say it, but their faces did.

After class the girls won’t say anything to me. Even in the locker room the would use their shoulder to push me. “Oh sorry,” they said, sarcastically.

I was walking to the library, when I got stopped by a black haired girl. “Listen, I don’t know who you are but stay away from Kauai, he’s mine, or will kick your ass, bitch!” She demanded.

Fight in the tears, I walked up to Kauai.

“What’s wrong, Kai?”

“ girl from the hall told me to stay away from you, you’re hers and she called a bitch, which does bother me. I can be one sometimes.”

“That’s no excuse, and you try to point her out?”

I looked around, her face was glued to the window. I point to her. Kauai tapped on his friend’s shoulder. “Josh come with me,” he said. Before I knew it everyone followed him. I don’t know what the said, but she stormed off. As she went she flipped me off. They came back in. Everyone sat back down in their original seats like nothing happened.

After my homework was finished I went back to my math class. Professor Warwick was still there. “Kai, what are doing here?” He asked. “Kauai helped so I wanted to turn it in.” I said. “Great, enjoy your weekend,” he said.

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