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A loud and shrill noise made me open my eyes after listening for a while. But when I lifted my eyelids, the outside light suddenly hit my iris, and I had to close my eyes again. With a burst of numbness.

Not only numbness, but also dullness.

Ah. . . I must have been drunk last night.

Drunk or drunk, I don\'t know. What I know is that in the local language, I mean very strongly. As soon as I finished drinking, everything suddenly went out. I don\'t even remember the last photo I saw. What I know is that I have a headache and pain all over my body. I can hardly move in pain and want to go back to sleep.

But I didn\'t sleep, for the shrill sound kept ringing in my ears, and I was so annoyed that I decided to look up. The body of a man in boxer trousers, squatting on the floor beside the bed, appeared before my eyes. When my pupils adapt to the light, I can clearly see the person\'s face, and there are problems in my mind.

Who is that guy,

I don\'t know, what I know is that he was sitting in my cooker cooking mom, so I pushed myself into my seat and shouted.


After being greeted, people immediately turned around and smiled at me.

\"Hey, are you awake?\"

You know me, but. . . Who is this guy?

I really don\'t know. I didn\'t even pretend to be unfamiliar, so I had to ask.

\"Who are you?\"

\"Don\'t you remember me?\"


\"We met at the bar last night, remember?\"

Okay, now I know how this guy got in my room. When I took him back to his room, he was drunk and lost his mind, but I was not shocked. Because such things have happened to me countless times, whether going with friends or alone, I always come back to my room with my favorite people.

It was the same last night, but I must have been drunk last night. I don\'t even remember when I saw this guy. Don\'t mention it.

I lay down again, before the pain hit me, especially my hips and lower body, so I had to ask again.

\"Was I attacking or defending last night?\"

I\'m asking because I\'m a gay boat. Gay boat means, if you don\'t understand, you can attack or defend.

\"You say you want to eat, you say you\'re a gay boat, you prefer to eat.\" He replied, pouring the cooked horse into a cup, and then carrying it to my desk, as if it were my own room.

I don\'t care. I was a little angry because he was so hard on me that my waist hurt, but I was angry because I would bring it up. He did so much.

\"Go back after eating, so that I can have a rest.\"

\"Well,\" said a man named Te, who didn\'t even look back at me, just put the instant noodles in his mouth.

I don\'t care either, put my arm on my eyes, and I think I\'ll sleep again because I\'m so dizzy. I hate the symptoms of drunkenness. Even if I know why, I try not to drink. But every time after the exam, I can\'t help but let the ghost go.

Last night, too, when my final exam for my last fourth grade ended, I suddenly went to the bar without asking my best friends, such as jeans and crayfish, and of course, if they went together, they wouldn\'t go either. Will I bring a stranger back to this room?

Actually, it\'s just not easy.

By the way, speaking of jeans and crayfish. . . Just like yesterday, they say today is the day to choose internships for next semester\'s practical courses. If you remember correctly, you may be around 5:00 in the morning.

\"Oh, my God, what time is it?\" I think, I shouted at once, I was still lying where I was before the bass sounded.

\"Four o\'clock.\"

4 p.m. There is still time to sleep. So I was late.

\"Wake me up at half past four. I\'m going to take a nap.\"

When I was ordering, the chopsticks tapped gently on the ceramic cup, and then Dehong\'s voice suddenly sounded.

\"Are you still asleep? You have been asleep for ten hours. I think I can get up. I can eat, I can eat fish, I can have supper.\"

Wait! It\'s cold, what do you mean! ,

I jumped up and looked at me inexplicably, and then I was looking at me too, showing me the phone I had left on my desk.

\"4 pm, not 4 am, don\'t get me wrong.\"

Me. . . Damn it! I am dead or dead!

I don\'t know. As soon as I heard this, I grabbed the phone and called those two damn friends. I want to blame him for not waking me up. But when I want to type jeans, because the number record is in English. His name just appeared, crayfish. His call appeared on the screen and asked me to answer it quickly.

\"Jeans!\" I let out a cry.

[Yankee, why don\'t you choose an intern! \"The other party said the same irritability to me, so I became more irritable.

\"I want to ask you why you let me sleep like a dead sleep and didn\'t call me to wake me up!\"

I made a phone call with Crayfish until his phone exploded and you didn\'t even answer a phone call, eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating]

When I said this, I suddenly took out my mobile phone and looked at the screen.

Yes. . . Yes, I didn\'t get a call from them, they had two, they had a hundred, so I didn\'t get a call from them.

\"Have you chosen an internship place for me?\" I put the phone to my ear and asked.

[I can\'t choose, the teacher let me choose for myself, I can\'t choose with crayfish, so I choose with crayfish, and you have no place to practice. ]

Hearing jeans say that, I raised my hand and stroked my face. I had planned to go to internship with both of them since the beginning of the semester, but my eyes cracked and I moaned.

\"Shit, what now?\"

[What should you do? You hurry to the teacher. The teacher hasn\'t come back yet. I see the car is still parked. Come and choose quickly. Today is the last day. If there is no place for internship, you won\'t finish. ]

I was a little distracted, everything didn\'t go according to plan, so distracted that I went to a damn apprenticeship. As a matter of fact, I majored in English in the College of Liberal Arts. It doesn\'t require internships, but my friends and I only need a required course, which is a major course in the college. The major courses in the second semester have no other subjects except practical courses. We want to end by the deadline, so we have to end, but I don\'t think it\'s going to end that way.

But now I didn\'t think much about it. I quickly got out of bed and put on my uniform. I didn\'t pay attention to washing my face and brushing my teeth. I disappeared in the blink of an eye and washed in the bathroom with an empty cup in my mouth.

\"I\'m going in, and you\'re going out of my room.\"

\"Yes, yes, chase when you wake up.\"

Damn it! I don\'t know who you are. I don\'t even remember when I met you. Anyway, I want to chase!

After Ted got dressed, I asked him to throw away the garbage because I stepped on the condom inside. I won\'t throw it away myself. Whoever uses it throws it away. When the stranger disappeared from my room. I rushed to the parking lot below the dormitory and went to the university.

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