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  A day hasn't gone by. A day hasn't gone by since I killed a man. It was dreadful, terrifying, horrifying, but most importantly un-humane. I am ashamed of this. But no matter. A duty is a duty. Being a slave doesn't give you any perks.

  They sent me to war. The government sent us to war. All the Men in Japan eligible for war; except the fat greedy, rich bastards.

  It's not a people's war. It's the people who sent us here. It's their war- suddenpy a man's shout interruoted Yuuri's thoughts "Ready up boys!" shouted Sergent Kayoshi. "It's time". It's time", "time for war"

  Me, and the the boys got our energy refilled by drinking Cola.

  We are in the shores of South Korea. Living in the trenches like its 1940.

  Suddenly A strange looking bloke who looked about 35 year old, had black hair with dandruff, brown eyes and a light beard with medium sized moustache and whispered "I know you're an assassin"

  "w.. Wh..who are you? How do you know about me!! ????" few people looked over at us.

  "will you keep it quiet? Cause I don't want this conversation to be leaked"

  "OK, sorry boss" I said sarcasticly.

  He sighed and then said "never mind.well I am..." he was thinking about answering the question "I am a ninja. Names Samama"

  "A Ninja!!??"

  Alot of people looked at us, near to 40. But he quickly said "I was just telling him a story about a Ninja. Don't worry, sho sho now"

  Then he whispered to me

  "Shut theee Fuck up will you? I said I don't want this to be leaked.

  " ohh... Sorry,"

  "ugh forget it. Cya"

  "Atleast tell me your age?"


  "y..o..ur 13?? Cyka blyt. What a lie hahaha. Nice joke buddy"

  He then looked at me with a stern cold look like Papa Stalin.

  Did I just offend a Ninja? I did, didn't I. I need to becareful and not offend such strong people.

  Sgt. Kayoshi told us that the estimated Size of the opposition was

  10k Men and that we should be thankful for that as the Battle of Ulsan is where South Korea is putting their focus on. Bravely a man looked about 21 of age shouted out "They Underestimate us!" alot of the fellow soldiers listening agreed and shouted the phrase back, "They Underestimate us!". Sgt. Kayoshi ignored this and continued on. He started again by saying that we only have 5k in this battle. So becareful, be wise, be tactical but most of all Be Brutal. All men cheared; except me and Samama. I knew fighting wasn't fun. It was bloody and troublesome. It didn't just impact us but our family. I'm almost certain Samama was thinking the same .

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