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I was 15 and talented, talented that I was the first pick when Chelsea FC scouts came to Nigeria to scout players for the Chelsea Development squad.

Everything was going well for me, I just got my passport and was preparing for my Visa interview, I had given away most of my belongings to friends. As a Chelsea fan, I had idolized some Chelsea Players like Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, etc.

The day before my interview I couldn’t sleep, I counted the ceiling a billion times and check the Clock for like a zillion times. When the clock read 5 o’clock I was too tired to leave my bed, but even that couldn’t stop me from jumping into the shower.

By 6 o’clock had done everything except eating breakfast, I waited for my parents to wake up and prepare for my interview. When my parents finally came out of their room, it was almost 6:45 am, but nothing could kill my joy.

After the morning devotion, my dad cleared his throat, a bad sign. He said my mum had something to tell me.

“Uwam” my son “I had a terrible dream last night”

My mum had always claimed that God speaks to her through dreams, yes most of her dreams had come to past, but your dreams are bound to come to pass if you see your highly qualified husband promoted after writing his promotional exams or your son graduating from Primary School two days to his graduation party.

“I dreamt that you were involved in an air crash on your way to London, so your dad and I had decided to put your travelling plans on hold”

I turned to check the calendar it’s 31st March not April 1st, but I still had to ask if it was some sort of April Fool.

My dad just kept his eyesight fixed on our family portrait on the wall, the one we took in London during Christmas in front of Stamford Bridge, that was fun this isn’t.

I turned to my mum, only to realize that my parents had left the living room.

“this can’t be true” I said to myself, I stood up planning on confronting my mum only to be stopped by my dad’s voice.

“this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, why are you stopping him?”

“Am not, God showed…”

“Oh shut up Mary, I prefer not to hear about your stupid dreams again in this house”

“Honey I…”

My dad stood up from whatever he was sitting on, and I ran into my room sobbing as I locked the door and threw myself on the bed.

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