Table of Contents

  •Heeryiah's pov•

  It was the first day after I recovered. I was walking around the campus with Dejun while he wrap his arms around my waist to make me feel safe. We were making jokes and had a sweet conversation. When suddenly, Mark Lee, my biggest rival since high school, walk passed by us. He's the reason why I was rushed to the hospital. I injured my arms and broke my right leg because of him. I hate him so much. I wish i could just punch him in the face. But Dejun held my shoulder back, making sure I wont do anything stupid. "Baby, hold it back. Dont do it. The more angry you gets, the more happy he'll be" said Dejun that knew I was about to went off.

  "It's okay. I won't do it" I said with a fake smile on my face despite the fact that I was on the verge of tears. My blood was boiling, I was in pain mentally and physically. I've been holding my anger for years. He's done a lot of bad stuffs to me. I really hate that guy. But it's okay, today's your day. Just prepare for what will happen in the future.

  "Ryiah, do you wanna eat?" "Oh sure baby, let's go to the cafe." I replied with a cold tone and just walked away leaving him behind. I didnt mean to do it. I'm sorry baby....

  •Kayden's pov•

  I wonder if Ryiah's okay. I dont like seeing her like that. I hope the pain she feels now won't stay longer. She deserves to be happy and treaten nicely. That jerk is literally a living little demon that stucks in a human's body. I made my way to where he was standing with his friends that were mine. "Mark Lee! You fricking terribly horrible guy! Come here!" "Woah chill man! What's the matter?" He still has the audacity to ask what's the matter when he knows it's about Heeryiah. "Wow, you asked me that stupid question? Well it's about Heeryiah. Why the hell would you push her from the staircase?! She's a female, you dumb guy." He stood there being super unbothered about it. I stared at him for a while then he finally gave a response. "Well... am I uppossed to cry though? What kind of reaction do you wish to receive from me huh?" I was shocked by his words. Let me just teach him a lesson.

  I pushed him that made him bumped against the lockers. He punched me and i fell on the ground. I got up to fight him. That was also when Heeryiah realised i wasnt behind her. She heard people fighting at the back. She came to check on us. At first, she didnt know it was me and Mark. Hence, she came closer and made her way in the crowd. After a while, she finally realised that the 'two' were us.

  She tried to stop me, but as she walked to where i was, the boys held her back and Mark stood up, stopped fighting with me just to punch her. I cant watch Heeryiah in pain, but what do I do.. i couldnt stand well. Whenever i tried to, he would push me back. Heeryiah was begging for him to stop. Instead, he laughed and said it was what she deserved. My blood boiled, thus i made Mark turn his body so i could punch his face. I made it though. I carried Heeryiah and spat on his face. He wiped it off and silently cursed at me.

  I drove Heeryiah to the hospital. We reached our destination and i rushly carried her into the building. She seemed so weak. I cried and told her "hold on okay baby, i promise you'll be okay." I succesfully brought her to the doctor. They ran her to the ward, while i waited outside, waiting for a good response from the doctor.

  After a while, the doctor, Mr. Jung, came out of the ward. He saw me sitting on the bench. He then asked without stuttering nor hesitating "Are you Mr. Dejun? Miss. Heeryiah's husband, am I right?" It was awkward since we arent even married yet, but i just answered "Well yes, I'm her husband.." "Unfortunately, her tummy has bruises and her thighs has hickeys 'look alike' on them. May I know what was the cause?" I just dont know how to respond to it. I dont wanna tell him about it but it'd left him hanging with question marks... "Well uh, it's because of... it's actually hard to explain.." I said awkwardly. Then suddenly Mr. Jung came to a strange thought. "Did you guys did 'it' or what..? She has hickeys on her thighs so it's possible i guess..."

  I laughed out of awkwardness, not knowing what to say. "It's okay. I understand. Husband and wife thing.." he unbotheredly said while smirking. I quickly changed the topic not wanting everything to be strange nor awkward. "Well uh, when will she be discharged?" "Next Monday would be the day." He replied. "Okay.. I'll be staying with her for the whole week if that's okay." "Yes, it's totally fine!" "Thank you Mr. Jung. I shall go home first to pack my stuffs and hers." I said to run away. "Oh alright. Drive safely." "Will do. Goodbye." I smiled before left. I walked to the car while smiling so hard thinking about what he said. I wish we're old enough to get married though...

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