8 Must-Read Novels of 2022 that Will Ease Your Mood

The evidence has shown that reading for six minutes daily  can reduce your stress levels by 68%. Thus, it is no surprise that the mass proliferation of online reading platforms makes reading online grow in popularity. 

Engaging in a vampire romance or a millionaire fantasy with high drama has never been easier. Online reading makes finding the stories you want much easier and gives an acclaimed platform to new authors stretching their skills. With numerous online resources and media, people of all walks of life can enjoy everything from the great and must-read novels 2022 has to offer.

This is why we have put together an excellent list of enriching books from independent authors that will elevate your mood. Keep on reading to get something that will delight your life. 

The 8 Best Novels of 2022 to Satisfy Your Genre Appetite

Each of these must-read novels 2022 is from a genre that traditional publishing may overlook. Luckily, there are exciting online platforms that are willing to deliver these fantastic works of fiction to readers all over the globe. So let's dig into the must-read novels 2022.

1.Her Eternal Mr. Right

Love and passion have always been intriguing plot points. With one of the best-selling fiction books of all time, this book is treated to billionaire revenge and the challenging topics of infertility and infidelity. The author does an incredible job of weaving character development with extreme drama in a way that will eventually leave you turning page after page.

2.Infatuated with My Mysterious Husband

When the pressures of family money get mixed with the romance of a stranger and a billionaire lifestyle, you will get this surprisingly deep story of love and betrayal. The author takes us into the high class and high spending decadence, where even the wealthiest character is no stranger to heartbreak and trust issues.

3.Never Getting Enough of Her

The infidelity of one husband drives a woman into the arms of a stranger, who eventually gives warmth to the woman; what should the woman do with a baby that belongs to the stranger? It is a wonderfully written story about finding a new life and trying to make it match the mistakes of the protagonists' past with a billionaire's lifestyle.

4.In His Grasp: Contract Wife

When a ruthless billionaire playboy enters into a contract marriage with a woman perceived to be ugly but holds as secret beauty, will passions ignite? Will this be a union of deep love or just a fake marriage to hide the true intentions of man and woman? The only way to know the answer is to pick up one of the most gripping must-read novels, 2022, and enter the world of romantic drama.

5.Love Me Once More

The heroine is her patient's caregiver and devoted wife, who requests a divorce. Years later, they are forced to see each other again in the billionaire world of influential business leaders and CEOs. What will happen next? Read this charming novel, and you will find all answers. 

6.Claimed by Him

Let’s jump to the werewolf genre intermixed with high romance and powerful passion. When the alpha female leaves from one place to another, we follow her journey of overcoming heartbreak and acceptance into a world that could mean her death with one wrong move.

7.My Savior Alpha

Feeling safe and secure when someone is ostracized from their social circle is incredibly tough. That is even worse when you are a werewolf pushed out by your pack. So how will this matter for a female werewolf who is forced away from one group, only to fall in love with a vicious alpha from another? Pick up one of the best must-read novels in 2022 to uncover the truth for yourself.

8.Vampire's Pet

Vampires have taken control of the world and set human figureheads in charge of enslaved men and female pets. We are thrust into a captivating story of one female pet as she navigates between the hostile world of blood collections and vampire politics to find a place of her own away from the fear of death and into the possible arms of a vampire overlord.

Where to Find More Must-Read Novels 2022

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