Fun Knowledge: What Alpha and Omega Characters Look Like in Different Novels

The streaming media promote characters with different features, the HBO series Game of Thrones, for example, showcases various characteristics and their reactions to the same situation. At the same time, the proliferation of novels provides us with access to knowing more about personality traits, reinforcing their images. Among the various characteristics, Alpha and Omega characters are the most popular.

What do Alpha and Omega characters look like? Think about characters like the Mother of Dragons, who is more Alpha, always seeking the spotlight, whereas Jon Snow, more Omega, is content with life and forced into leadership. This type of integration makes an exciting conversation, allowing Alpha and Omega characters to appear in books we love to read.

Why are Alpha and Omega Popular in Novels?

Alpha and Omega characters are highly complementary, creating excellent foils towards one another. The characters enrich storytelling and make the novels we read far more entertaining and full of deeper meaning. Some of the reasons that we as readers enjoy these characters are listed:

●Character Projection

Having Alpha and Omega characters in novels about werewolf romance stories like Chasing My Rejected Mate, The Dark Moon, and Vampire romance like My Lover is Vampire and Moonlight Kiss offers fertile ground for plotlines that do not occur in the real world. It allows readers to live out fantasies as if we were each looking through the eyes of the different players.

●Complimentary in Personality 

The varied interactions between Alpha and Omega characters are full of conflicting and complementary passions. For example, the self-assurance of an Omega versus the arrogance or self-righteousness of an Alpha makes for some most rewarding stories the world has ever seen.

●Chance to Peek at the Lives of Others

Most readers are neither Alpha nor Omega but somewhere in-between. That is also why these novels are so much fun to read. They open a window for us to peek inside the private lives and motivations behind these character decisions. 

Besides, some “people” like werewolves and vampires are not seen in real life, so novels provide us space to picture their life. That is why novels about werewolves or vampires like Claimed by Him, No Longer Your Luna, Luna’s Untamed Alpha, Beyond Noise And Anger, The Alpha's Flame, Royally Desired, and Super Dope Son-in-law are favored by readers.

Examples of Alpha and Omega Characters

At NovelCat, we frequently have novels with Alpha and Omega character archetypes in a far more natural way with werewolves or romantic situations. These packs of half-human, half-animal hybrids rely on the leadership of Alpha dogs, and we often only see drama when an Omega fights back against that leadership due to social, moral, or other passionate reasons. Therefore, at NovelCat, you can find great examples in genres like:

● Fantasy: Mated to the Alpha King

In this book, two Alpha characters - a male and a female, are engaged in an arranged marriage romance where one must learn the ways and goals of the other. This type of power struggle induces us to consider how we would act if we were in a similar situation. It is a delicious love story with the wrappings of political intrigue in a werewolf pack.

● General Romance:  His Legal Mistress

Family is where we see Alpha and Omega characters’ development the most, especially in the different birth orders of children. The oldest is almost always stuck caring for the younger while they rebel and seek to know the truth. It is exactly what happens in this latest novel by Alina Vanette. You will be thrust into a world of Alpha control, money, and powerful relationships.

● Realistic Urban:  Urban Adventure of a Domineering Master

Sometimes Omega characters are sent into the limelight because they are on a journey. In this book's case, the journey involves redemption and revenge by the main character, that would have rather remained nameless in the face of being an outcast from the family supposed to offer love and support.

● Paranormal Urban: Lend Me Body, Help You Avenge

This novel answers the question of what would happen if an Alpha is reborn in the body of an Omega. Here the spirit of past life begins to reframe and challenge the world around them, even getting involved in a new glowing romance sure to captivate your attention.

Where to Read About Alpha and Omega Characters

The Alpha is the “star” hero of a book. The Omega character has more depth and does not value their personal worth in the input of a large social scene. They are well aware of what they can do and only take action to help others most of the time.

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